Selections from Lexington Poetry Month 2022

Howdy Poets! It’s the holiday season so here’s a little gift: a poem of yours has been selected to be published in the 2022 Lexington Poetry Month Anthology! You can scroll down and see all the poems selected (or crtl+f the name you wrote under last June to find yours). Thank you for writing with us last June, and if you feel like it, consider supporting our community through our Patreon Page!

First NameLast NameLast Last NamePoem
DebbieAdamsCooperI/Me/My/oh Why?
NelAfenyaall bluff no ring
SylviaAhrensLetter, Unwritten
ajamajamlike sister like sibling
AlissaAlissaLike when I bite my lip
JosephAllenNicholsFeather & Scale
MaryAllenThe Dig
angeljkayangeljkayMetaphor Dice: Erudite Expansion
LindaAngeloFound Poem
ArwenArwenPicking the Chair at the Family Reunion
atmospheriqueatmospheriquepls (pink lemonade)
AustenAustenHouse, Circa 1911
TrishBaldwinwhy must I make my head so full of things
JenniferBarricklowRose-Colored Glasses
BlackTreeBlackTreeIt’s all about Letter’s & Number’s Leading 2 Words to be an Up Right Man.
thebluegrasswarblermarigolds and motor mounts
RachelBollmanTidy Up!
DadbotGarden Children
LukeBrannona sigh
KendallBrookefisherman rick
LindaBryantThe Path
BillBrymerThe Desk
ElizabethBurtonWe Aren’t Cat People
BeverleyByers-PevittsTrelle II
TomC.HunleyMy Chili Recipe (An Ars Poetica)
NoelCagneyHiero Phantom
LindaCaldwellPoem for Jupiter and Saturn
VeraCalypsePeople Pleaser: by “Magical Powers” Girl
PamCampbellAn American Sentence V
CarrieCarlsonIt’s What’s Inside That Counts
DustinCecilfingers entwined
AutumnColemanThe F Word
MaddieColemanThe Ferris Wheel belongs to the younger Me
AmandaCorbinXI: Justice
SeanCorbinEncountering a Blue Heron on Richmond Road
PhilipCorleyWearing T-Shirts from the Last Job
ColetteCrownRooms #1
CathyCultice LentsWAITING
SteveCummingsbetter worlds
AmyCunninghamRugbeater (with instructions)
EmmaDthey say
PamDIn My Own Little Corner
D.D.R.G.D.D.R.G.New me
D.R.C.D.R.C.Shadow + Light
ColemanDavisLinda’s Hair
LeslieDavisOde to the Lafayette Track Team
DeeDeeCats and Dogs
BernardDevilleKitchen Table Issues
LaddDingleyMilk Duds
huntere.westenhoferOde to the Nuances of My Body
RyanE.what I remember of the train stations in Stockholm, Sweden
ElaineElaineAnother shooting at three a.m.
HBElamHere is this week’s Explanation of Benefits.
CarrieElam SpillmanBox fan
LeifEricksonKoan for Forgiveness 0f the Self
ESDSESDSAlmost Aligned
MairaFaisalMy First American Sentence on the Last Day
LibbyFalkJonesAir Born, or Shopping the Virtual World
nettiefarrisRoom 217: Estes Park, Colorado
DavidFlynnClean Living
LauraFoleyPorch Swing
MorghanFullerSpring Cleaning
MichaylaGatsosBooks and Coffee
KarenGeorgeWhat I Found There
KrisGillisIn a Stranger’s Kitchen
DebraGlennbare walls
GoldieGoldieHopes proposed by perfidious prospects, simpering bows of a Dreamers Christmas
NancyGourdeSelf Song
KathleenGreggode to my sister
AnnieGriggsI Love You
MannyGrimaldiTake a maple seed
AnnHaneyThe Story of Dust
PaulettaHanselMy Unfinished Poems of June
KatieHassallPower Outage
stefanihellerRandom people from my life #1
J.L.J.L.Where Your Heart Is
H.JamesHope to Sleep
JazzyJazzyChill E
NancyJentschSand and Stars
JerielleJerielleHeat Wave in Austin
PatrickJohnsonGarage Sale
ChristinaJoyFuneral Coffee
jstpoetrySpaceship Couch
AbbyKaneThank You Notes
KimKayneShaverWhite Lace Curtains
KerfootKerfootI am a sum of all I took
clkirbyall because of the grand budapest hotel.
MichelleKnickerbockerSugar Plum
A.R.Koehlergym rat
KWKWIn the Moment
MLStephensThe Potter
JimLallyThe Junk of Sardis
laneylaneymy birthday
LaurenLaurenA list of facts, or things that rhyme with thread
AndreaLawlerKenopsia or the Erieness of places left behind
SueLeathersI buy another ticket to the circus
LeToniaLeToniaI AM
AlveraLisabethReadin’ My Way from a Suburban Porch Smack Dab into My Mama’s Lap
JustinLittrellSunday Supper
LennartLundhM-1 Garand, 10-round Clip
SusanM.StephensIt could be two months or two years
MackaeMackaeSpace Haiku
MagnoliaMagnoliaSometimes I Resent You
MariMariOld Age Message
ErinMathewsHow It Ends
KristiMaxwellBig I
JayMcCoyChristmas at the Asylum
ChristopherMcCurryOn Having a Day to Ourselves
SteveMeadowsHosting the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Louisville; Haiku 1
F.Mellorwords from a 7 year old.
ToniMenkHouse Pet
MadisonMillerComing Home
MistyMistyBrass Elephant
CourtneyMusicHand it Down
KevinNanceThe Napkins
HunterNelsonAt a Burrito Bar
MaryNicholsNeighbor – North Limestone
K.NicoleWilsonIf I Had’a
RenaNuttThinking about C
BronsonO’QuinnWhat if…
MalindaO’QuinnPickle Magic
PatOwenHis Shoes
KatherinePaisleyMosh Pit
RaynyPalmerthe bends
SonyaPavonahouse alone
MayaPembleSon of Cups
CathyPerkinsMy Feelings About Coloring or Sitting Around Wasting Time
CadencePermanI Met A Girl
LizPratherSunday School: The Dancing King
DennisPrestonDressed Up
JordanQuinnto the working poets
M.R.HeltzelFor Us
R.RadR.RadLittle Brown Dog
AustinRathboneNight Flare
SabneRaznikLove Story
AaronRedingSomething Borrowed
MilesRedingOCD & the fascination with keeping oneself alive
DelmarReffettSketches from a Federal Flood Zone: II
Amy Le AnnRichardsonGrasp
JuliaRichersonCat eyes
ReneeRigdonTwo Bits
JessRoatProcrastination Takes Action, a Villanelle
KatrinaRolfsenLucky Charm
DarleneRoseDeMariaOn a Bench
BobRouseBaseball never leaves me
MaggieRuthmy father’s laughter
AmaniS. K.your/my dad
samsamnew notches in the doorway
RobertaSchultzLive as if You are Already Dead
screamin’ianscreamin’ianuntitled as well
R.SextonFall Beans
SusieSlusherBinge and Purge
NicoleSmithShower Thoughts
DonSolarzThe whole world is a single flower
MyaSophiaOf a morning
JaySt.OrtsRelic: Fruit of the Tomb
ReganStrehlBrought to you by Rage & Insomnia
DebraStuartTribute to an Old Friend
MelvaSuePriddyLoss & Emptiness Are Not the Same Thing
LouiseTallenOnly One
AshleyTaylor6/1/22 Under the Magnolia Moon
j.ltaylorcleaning out the fridge
BrigitTruexFossil Find
beckturneyvirtual family
JulesUnselOde to Carl
upfromsumdirtupfromsumdirtthe soapbox at the yardsale
Z.Z.Van TappanVan TappanYou Haul
BillVerbleBug Spray
PatrickWaldenBruised Papers
M.WellsWellsIn the universe, I’m a speck
DickWestheimerI Have Wasted My Life*
EricWillisThe Weight of Water #5
ScottWilsonWanderer’s Song
EmilyWithenburyFrom Further On Down The Hardwood Halls
VictoriaWoolfBaileyYard Ornaments
DangerfieldYellaLoves Taxicab Blues Last Day of Spring or Summer in the City


Selections for Lexington Poetry Month 2021

Pauletta Hansel has made her choices for the 2021 anthology! Checkout which of your poems will be published in the print anthology and join the ever growing number of poets supporting the publication of this anthology, chapbooks, and a new literary journal called Yearling by becoming a Workhorse Writer on Patreon!

DebbieAdams Cooper,,,
SylviaAhrensThe Spirit We Own and Love
AlbaAlbaGood morning
MaryAllen**** (6/16/21)
JosephAllen Nichols1:30 a.m. Prayer
t.landrythe swing
J. F.AngelDouble Vision
angeljkayangeljkayCamp NaNo: Summer Draft 2021
LindaAngeloSensible Shoes
BodyBaghdada house divided against itself
BeatriceBeatriceIn the Rain
ElizabethBeckSummer Blues
GabyBedettiFirst Day of Summer
MarilynnBellThree Wishes
AllenBlairThrow Down Your Mattock, Blinking
BlazeBlazeThe List; a useless love poem (pt. 2)
RachelBollmanSilly So So
MaggieBrewerSeventh Anniversary Gifts
LindaBryantMother Changes Form
JoseyBryantA Thought
MichaelBurnhamsometimes punctuation helps. sorta.
BeverleyByers-PevittsGeorgia’s Apples
PamCampbellThe Difference of a Letter
CarrieCarlsonThe Wild Hair
carrotmancarrotman50/50 is better than nothing
kellycaseygood grief
dustincecilplace she lain
Coco (Common Objects in COntext)Coco (Common Objects in COntext)Source
Philip R.CorleySecret Affair with Destruction
stevecummingspride goeth
AmyCunninghamHe Settled My Hash
LesDavisIn Which I Explain Proper Hygiene to My Dogs
StefanDelipoglouElegy by Allergy
TabithaDialBluegrass Benediction: Calls for at Least 2 Altar Candles (Though Any Number of Fireflies Will Do)
MeredithDillOnly A Cereal Killer
PaulaDixonYour Mind’s Betrayal
dogtraxdogtraxResting The Writing Self
MartaDortonJune 21, 2021untitled
TeneiceDurrantFour of Pentacles
HBElamFeelings on changes a year makes
EnbyWhoWritesEnbyWhoWritesFrom My Heart to My Brain
CodyEvansRollback Melon
MorganEvansI Came From (In the spirit George Ella Lyon)
MairaFaisalTo the Top, Together
LibbyFalk JonesBears in the North Georgia Woods
NettieFarrisQuaker Ladies
HelenFeibesHealing on a Sunday two weeks after
AmyFiggsA Certain Age
K. BruceFlorenceOrder in the Court VII
KatrinFloresi am pulling cobwebs like these out the grooves of my brain
LaurelFoxWords of Grace
LindaFreudenbergerMy Dad
MorghanFullerWeightless Love
ChanceGardenerLexpomo Benediction
MichaylaGatsosSummer Haiku
KarenGeorgeSoaking in the Light * (For my Uncle Frankie, who passed away June 26th at the age of 93)
GeriGeriBroad Shoulders
Kathryn R.GillespieCrying in the Car
KrisGillisTonight at the Open Mic
DebraGlennroses (number 3)
GoldieGoldie“—”, so as not to perturb old Frankl’s stake
GregGregTwo Moments
KathleenGreggI finally follow the loudest voice
MannyGrimaldiIn the Name of Allah the Generous, a Ghazal
GerryGrubbsI Wanted To Sing
H.A.H.A.We All Can’t Be Superfly Jimmy Snuka
SheldaHaleWhat Would Li Po Say?
HaleyHaleycomparison is the thief of originality
MadeleineHamiltonhopefully the last one i’ll ever post here
JerielleHanlonLife at 523
PaulettaHanselPraise Poem While Weeding
KelliHansel HaywoodThey Sleep in Separate Beds
HavenHavenAt Last
MelissaHeltonThis Naming
Maggie RueHessHunger
AmandaHoltThe Day After the Cutting
TaniaHorneTaking my pettiness to the grave
Leigh AnneHornfeldtAn Endangered Bird Is Forgetting Its Song as the Species Dies Out
DonnaIsonLast Request
LucyJamesMorning Honeysuckle
NancyJentschA Little Ghazal
PatrickJohnsonNature of Us
CaroleJohnstoncircle unbroken
ChristinaJoyRakott Krumpli: serves six
EchoJoyBoba on Dixie
K.Ka’imilani Leota SellersLost and Found
AbbyKaneThe Lesson
KimKayne Shaverday drink haiku
KellyKellyIce Music
clkirbya god, reincarnate.
laneylaneythe tile is cold
LaurenLaurenBlue Baby
AndreaLawlerYou Will Know Her Name
SueLeatherssong for a runaway
ErinLeigh MathewsBuried Treasure
AlveraLisabethDown the Drain
vanesam.sJune 14, 2021 11.
ManiMania man owns fine property in the city
marimariCovid Relief
Mary LouMary LouWhen Pondering My Identity
DeannaMascleZero Moment Hinge
JayMcCoyNot Yet
AbraMcCurryBut there was a fire in the distance.
SteveMeadowsWheelbarrow Vaccine
Abigail J.Miller1. Pollinators in the Dark
MadisonMillerThe Taste of She is Sharp
LisaMiller HenryThe Bad Land
A.MillsFive Parts Memory
mtpoetmtpoetI did not go to Nashville
KevinNanceAbecedarian for Adolescence
nelnelgone for now
AnjaliNelsonExcavating the future
RenaNuttC in Country 3
MalindaO’QuinnDear Scout
BronsonO’QuinnReasons: #0001
OdinOdinDay off dream
MichaelOlsonFoster Care
ElaineOlundLiving With It
PatOwenPost Pandemic
RaynyPalmerManuscript I
VirginiaParfittBlackberries are not for keeping
TinaParkerLost Year
SonyaPavonasinging history
S.B.PearceSolid Black Eyes
CatherinePerkinsThis Is What Came Out Of My Brain This Morning
LizPratherAll These Old Girls
Melva SuePriddyEverything Has Memory
JordanQuinnYou Can Sleep
JudithRamsey SouthardA Mouse Takes Me Deeper
AustinRathboneIt Is What It Is
SabneRaznikLiving With or Without
DelmarReffettChildhood Folklore
AmyRichardsonThat Humid Post-storm Need
JasmineRobinsonI Stop at the Beginning
MaggieRuthcity stars
S.US.Ua letter to a wolf that calls itself a boy:
AlyseSammarcoMaybe I promised I’d be Better
RobertaSchultzPoem Begun with a Line from Basho
EricScott SutherlandThe coast of your heart
DouglasSelfA perfect moon
BonitaSkaggs-ParsonsHow Can You Not?
SusieSlusherWe Were a Flash Flood; We Were Never Beautiful Enough to be a Thunderstorm
elizzassullivannCity Mouse (a work in progress)
stefani joistefani joijoy
SusanStephensPuke and pondering
GGStewartPsalm For Summer
SarahStoltzfus AllenObservations from My Office Window
KaterinaStoykovaLimerick (6/2)
LouiseTallenJuly, 1972
j.ltaylorhome inspection – minor concern / maintenance needed
LoriTaylorI Am More
TejaTejathe drive home
the bluegrass warblerthe bluegrass warblersaying goodbye to the broken chair of time
The Whale’s TailThe Whale’s TailGitmo
t.m.thomsonInto Twilight
Tillie the ToilerTillie the ToilerMulberry Tree Blows Over:
ShaunTurnerI Dreamed of Being Last stanza only. I dreamed is new title.
upfromsumdirtupfromsumdirtWelcome To Safe Haibun
BillVerbleNot Quite Haiku
VioletVioletDear Friend
JaminWaiteGastronomic Garden
PeteWallaceI Can
LoganWardSummer Break Free Verse
KatelynWeldonAging in Space
hunter e.westenhoferBanana Bread Recipe
DickWestheimerA Musing of the Barely Self-Aware
TonyWhearyreluctant witness
GinnaWilkersonCat Watching
EricWillisA Bowl of Room Temperature Soup
K. NicoleWilsonTanka for the Fireflies
MikeWilsonSometimes we must
LeslieWorkmanMother’s Love Part 2
DangerfieldYellaFitting or Why I type
Faith DeYoungHowling Baby, Sometimes the World Actually is Crazy


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LexPoMo 2020 Selections from Jay McCoy

It’s the season of gratitude! Thanks to Jay McCoy we have selections for the 2020 anthology! Take a moment to revisit the work you wrote and the work of your peers.

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A. A. Katecorn
A. LawrenceGoodbyes
Aaron RedingOperating Theater
Allen BlairStrings
Alvera LisabethShard-Strewn Waves
Amanda HoltThis Poem is Privileged
Amanda JattaLandmines
Amy RichardsonFlourish
Anastasia Z. CunninghamInauguration
Andrea LawlerFireflies
Andrew DepewTaking in the Day’s News:
Anna WalshBefore the Rug was Pulled
Anne HaydenFood
Arianna McCurryUnparalleled in Beauty
Ashley TaylorSunday Dinner
atmospheriquecan i just be a ghost already?
austen rWaning Gibbous
Austin GreenVisitors
Austin RathboneFlat Circle
B. Elizabeth BeckI have no poem inside me
B. G.Breathes Different
Beatrice Underwood-SweetEvening
Bernard DevilleLeaning on the Spade
Bethany RobinsonSuperstition
Body BaghdadStatement before their statement
Brigit Truexheart-wood
Bronson O-QuinnJK Rowling and the Excuses to Hate
BukWill and Acceptance
Callie Budrickdream flowers
Carole Johnstonsplit screen
Carrie SpillmanJupiter’s Moons
Chaiya MillerUPSIDE DOWN
Chayton RagsdalePast
Chelsea Jordanrock candy
Christina Joyonion-skin
Christopher McCurryParallel Universe
cl kirbychallenges of raising a heart.
CleoHide ‘N Seek
CocoCreation Speaks
Cody EvansAfraid of the Mailman (God, I Hope He Never Reads This)
Dangerfield YellaNine hours to the coast or dance with me
David NealAn Ant’s Jog
Deanna MascleFactory Settings
Debbie Adams CooperRemember that June
Debra Glennjust me, alone
Dennis J. PrestonChoir
Doug SelfLove
Dwight MyfeltStumped
E. VanWinkle-JohnsonAlchemy has Nothing to do with Gold
Eileen RushMy personal hell
Erin MathewsSee You Later
Erin ThieryGirl from the salt licks
Finna Moon MichaelsWelcome to The Government
Gaby BedettiRadishes
Garkus SprunkA Goodly Couple of Days Ago
GeriMissing Poems
Gregory D. WelchOctober in a June Sky
H. A. SpinelliOcean
HB Elamonce more
HeatherannieReasons to Walk
Helen FeibesShe’s fluent when she’s drunk
hunter e. westenhoferevery morning seems to be a small infinity
J. F. AngelSo in Love
j. hopeHoney, Glass, and things that shine
J. WiseI never ever
j.l taylortwenty five not twenty one
Jamie MannThe Fork
jane Science
Janelle M.I heard Someone call another Someone trash
Jasmine RobinsonFor my father
Jay McCoysleep/wake
Jennifer BarricklowSideways
Jennifer BeckettOrder of Worship
Jennifer BurchettClothesline
Jerielle HanlonWhat kind of animal would you be?
Jessica SwaffordLet It Burn
Jim LallyDead Man’s Fingers
John LackeyThe Answer
John McCurryBart
Jordan QuinnFat Crayons
Jordan T. SwiftLysergic Radiance
Joseph Allen NicholsLepidopteran
Joseph Grosswhat’s Cool
Josey BryantControl
K. Bruce FlorencePine Mountain Cemetery XX The Stolen Yucca
K. Nicole WilsonSink Full of Dishes
Karen GeorgeHow Sound is a Spark
Katelyn WeldonPainting Our Room
Kathleen CrosmerSpecter Speculations
Kathleen GreggReading List
Katie Cross Gibsonsome nights, a heart turns heavy
Katie HassallStorm Clouds on the Horizon
Katrin Floreson June
kelly caseyblue
Ken L. WalkerUntitled
Kendall Brookestardust
Kim Kayne ShaverIt Must Be Sharon
Kimberly BartonShine
Kris GillisWas the Poem
Kristi MaxwellMinus the Loss
Kristina ErnyPoison
l. holleyGarden
laneyi was always told you can determine how well someone takes care of themselves by looking at their fingernails
Larkin FoxSeventy-Two Seasons
Larry WheelerM.J.B.T.W. (with apologies to Donald Fagen and “Bright Nightgown “)
Laura Foleyin the backwaters of the Orion arm
Leahna MarcumUseless Prince
Leatha KendrickHer Cigarettes
Lennart LundhThe Least of These
Les DavisEuphemism
Leslie WorkmanLove in the Middle
Linda AngeloMy Garden, My Companion
Linda BryantMy Grandfather as a River Saint 
Linda FreudenbergerIt’s the Normal Things
Lisa Miller HenrySerenade
Little BirdWings
Liz PratherThat Willoughby Girl
Lori TaylorWise Cracks
M L StephensVisitation
M. WellsThe City
Maddie ColemanOne Mississippi
Madeleine Hamiltonmanners and class
Madison MillerOn Writing a Poem While the World is on Fire
Maggie BrewerYes Ma’am
Maggie Rue HessOn Average
Maggie Ruththere’s something to be said about packing
Malinda O’QuinnSauerkraut 6/9
ManiWords of Warning Sewn into a Hymn
manny jgvoices
Margaret R. HeltzelThis Collection of Junk
Margaret RussellFree
Marta DortonRitual
Mary AllenArtifacts
Matt SpencerDeath of a Naturalist
Maya H. H. PembleThe Frost Does Not Exist For Our Gaze
Meghan GoinsInertia
Megynpoison tongue
Melissa HeltonLife and Death in the Daniel Boone National Forest
Melissa Olsonlight years
Melva Sue PriddySurrounded by books, papers, houseplants, gardens out the windows, new grass growing, thunder booming, lights, lots of lights, 
Mike WilsonIndustrial Design
Misty SkaggsDecorating Day
Morgan EvansSevere Winds
Morghan FullerThey/Them
mtpoetIf, while you sleep,
Nancy K. JentschSweetened Milky Chai
Naomi ClewettA List of Disciplines Chanted as a Cause and Cure for Wounded Souls
Nettie FarrisClearly
nrdit does
Pat OwenPacking
Patrick JohnsonWant
Paula DixonHolding the knife
Pauletta HanselDrought
Philip CorleyDeodatus
purplesellerIn Solitude
rachel bollmanRide
Rachel DorrohParticle
Rayny Palmeronce again
rebecca turneyjune 1 part 2
Regan StrehlStorm > Sun
Rena NuttCountry Cousins
Renee RigdonStill Rockin’ All of the Time
RevaGo with the Flow
Rivka Goldwyn“Oh, Give Me A Home”
Roberta SchultzI Try to Remember Your Phone Number
Roger RabbitMother Duck
Ryan OppegardLittle Prince
SamThe First Visit
Sam ShowalterDaydreaming
Samantha RatcliffeMemorial Day
Scott Wilsonkindred
Sean L. CorbinRidge Cap
Shaun TurnerThe Mudcrab Pretending to Be A Rock
stefani joighost
Stephanie MojicaWhen This Is Over
Steve CummingsSelf-inflicted lobotomy
Steve DaughertyGenesis
Sue ChurchillSharp Eyed
Sue Leatherstranslated
Susan M. StephensPlease fill this space intentionally left blank
Susie SlusherRed Over Red Flag: Water Is Closed to Public Use
Suzanne GilmoreWork Space
Sylvia AhrensSongs in the Key of Darkness
T. D. Worthingtonwitness
t. m. tomsonVending Machine
Tabitha DialEmpires of Liminal Spaces
Taylor A. ArmstrongHeart of Darkness//Things Fall Apart
Teja Sudhakarrunning buffalo clover
the bluegrass warblera little bit of pretty
The Philosophical PhysicistAsh Brushed Across Eyes
Tillie the Toilerpricks
Tina ParkerReading the obits
Toko_birdDry Drowning
Tony WhearySidetracked will
upfromsumdirtgod troubles the waters
V. Joshua AdamsMy Climate
Venicia ProctorI Hugged Someone Today
Vincent HoupFrom Sa to Pa
WhitneyStolen Kiss
William GoinsLamentations of a Warehouse Worker


LexPoMo 2019 Selections

Man, what a year! Sylvia Collings read the 2246 poems we wrote this year and selected one from each poet who posted a poem. Thank you for writing and sharing your work. The list is in alphabetical order by last name.

Remember the goal is to GIVE everyone a book this year, but to do that we need to reach 100 supporters. We are almost there. Click here or the link above to help us spread the joy of reading and writing.

. haiku 
a. lawlerTruth #22 
A.E. BryantDo You Remember? 
Abra McCurryAlone in the dark 
Amanda CrumDoorway 
Amanda HoltTo a Friend, on Being Ghosted 
Amanda JettaThe Hills 
Amy Camugliaannie rose 
Amy CunninghamOn the Day There Was No Good News  
Amy Le Ann RichardsonHeritage 
Andrew Wilsonfar far away 
Anna WalshI Spy 
Anne HaydenDownsizing 
Arianna McCurryspider-friend meets bee 
Ashley Taylor5-Jun
Ashley TaylorMixed Signals 
atmospheriquePetit Jean, June 19th 
Austin GreenMoney 
Austin RathboneSilver Linings of Domestic Life #2 
Barefooted Brave GirlBody parts Beaten 
BeatriceFor Valeria and Oscar 
Bernard DevillePuffy Dream Spoons 
Bethany Yonts90 seconds (an LTMS tribute) 
Bianca BargoI Forgot 
Bill VerblePromise 
Brigit TruexJune, Faraway 
Bronson O’Quinn Training your Adopted Child to be Batman 
Callie Budrickpaper clothes 
Carole JohnstonFather 
Carrie ElamFrom The Sea 
Chaiya MillerThen What 
Christina Joythe estuary’s mouth 
Christopher McCurryStamina 
cl kirbythe apology. 
Claire QianCold 
CleoPoem for Poetry/ Gift of Grab 
Constance Brownsmall things 
Dangerfield YellaQuarter til 1am at IHOP or Full 
David Nealuntitled 
Deanna MasclePocket 
Deatyou can still drink from a chipped cup 
Deborah Adams Cooper30-Jun-19
Dejah Garnerthink of the times 
Dennis PrestonVacation 
Devan WatsonReminder 
Don SolarzFor Granted 
Donelle DreeseDon’t You Forget About Me
Dwight MyfeltAll the Difference in the World 
Eric Parsonsuntitled 
Eric Scott SutherlandAwkward scrapes 
Erin Leigh MathewsHeat Lightning 
GA Smith19.6.22 (Eight Months Later) 
Gaby BedettiWatching Dallas with My Grandmother 
GeriPicking Raspberries 
Gloria KayTrust Issues 
H.A. Spinelli One Breath 
haven colemanRedbox 
HB Elamineffable 
Heather DentSome Things Refuse to Unravel 
Helen Feibeswhen I am eighteen and think about being older 
HuggThe Last Beauty 
hunter e. westenhoferhometown barbeque 
Hunter NelsonDementia 
J.F. AngelTragic 
j.tdear seattle 
Jay McCoyOf Love and Memory 
Jay St. OrtsI Pick Up Every One 
JazzyDrinking From The River of Fear 
JbirdWhen did I loose this feeling 
Jennifer (Stricklett) DobsonOne Night Stand? 
Jennifer BarricklowIn the marketplace of wisdom 
Jennifer BeckettWhile driving, I saw 
Jennifer BurchettNot Today 
Jennifer CurtisChanged My Everyday Life 
JerielleMorning song 
Jessica SwaffordHeart Ultrasound 
Jim LallyThe Great Leap Forward 
JK Eliasdesire 
Jo ManczykSowing Seeds 
John DuncanHow you hated Guns n’Roses 
John McCurryAre We Still Talking About Frog Eggs? 
Joseph Allen NicholsProselyte 
Jude LallyConfluence 
Julianne Vantland8 Years In The Unmaking 
K. Bruce FlorenceRooted on Colville Road 
K. Nicole WilsonHollow Pint Glasses 
Ka`imilaniSuddenly Summer 
Karah Stokesable now at last to be the rain 
Karen GeorgeSometimes A Photo Hollows You 
Kate Fadicktrying to say god 13 
Katerina StoykovaPoem, made up of titles of several recently acquired poetry books 
Kathleen CrosmerYardsale 
Katie Crossgreat-grandmother, maternal (“grandma”) 
Katrin Floreshow she leaves herself behind 
Kelley Tennillereincarnation 
Kelly Casey(re)memento mori 
Kendall Wilsonchild’s play 
Kim Kayne ShaverJune First 
Kimber GrayWilt 
Kris GillisToday Poetry Is 
Larry WheelerWonder 
Laura Foleytwoowt 
Leahna Marcum I am undone by you. 
Lennart LundhHis finger twitches 
Linda BryantFirst Marriage 
Linda CaldwellLaurie 
Lisa Miller HenryAunt JoAnn 
Liz PratherA Series of Nows 
LizzieLooWhoPlayground Games 
Lori TaylorNow 
M. CarterPretty Peach Girlie 
M. Randolph HeltzelEvan 
MaddieCThe County Fair 
Madeleine Hamiltonsewing feather to bone 
Madison MillerFor the Woman Standing on the Overpass at 4 P.M. 
Maggie BrewerAnother Father’s Day And You Are Still Dead 
Maggie Rue HessSun Revelation 
Malinda O’QuinnStories I Tell Myself About an Unknown Mother 
Margaret Russelluntitled 
mari leetKnow 
Marta DortonLifeJolt 
Mary AllenAlas, 
Mary LouRetirement 
Maya H. PembleMy Heart 
Meadow SmithPatrick via Constantino 
Melissa OlsonCommuter 
Melva Sue PriddyJune Haiku 
Metal PoetA Month or So 
Michael Moloneyuntitled 
Michayla Gatsosoh my god 
Michelle KnickerbockerPossibility 
Mike WilsonMiddle School Forever 
Misty Skaggsconfidence in full bloom 
Morghan FullerPerspective. 
Mya SophiaCool 
N.M.ZThe speed of 186292 miles per second 
Nancy JentschParadise Today 
Nettie Farris My Favorite Time of Day 
NinaOn a Summer’s Night 
Nollie PalmerSleepblooming 
Pat OwenArc 
Patrick JohnsonIn Our Time 
Patrick Maloneycity of rainbows 
Pauletta Hansel“This is the poem that has been staring at you for some time now.” * 
Philip R. CorleySpecter 
Philip SalleeOld Box of Notes 
Piper Morrison4 of Swords 
Rachel Xiahu Ica Cualtizin 
Rachel BollmanBrown County 
Rachel KhosrowshahiGood different. 
Ramsi WoodcockThe Vinegar Sea 
Rayny Palmertime and time 
rebecca turney1-Jun
Regan StrehlOceans of Another World 
Rena NuttForecasting and 
Renee RigdonInvasive 
RenmeleonBringing Home the Past 
RGIn flight 
RUDY THOMASAt Billy Collins’ favorite timt to write 
Ryan CurtisI Have Seen Her 
S.L. An Almost Poem 
Sabne RaznikRetired 
samsketchbookBlanket and Dog Talk 
Samue ShowalterFlemme 
Sean CorbinFirst of June and I Think of Whitman 
Shaun TurnerFalling In 3 Parts 
Shawn Saylor17-Jun-19
Stefani Hellerhighway 347 
Stephanie MojicaMá Sorte 
Steve CummingsAlone and Righteous 
Sue Leathersrocks in our pockets 
Susan L.F. IsaacsEmma Lazarus Inquires of North Georgia 
Susan M. StepehnsWe all do things we do not want to do 
Susie SlusherThings That Remind Me of You (Even Though They Really Shouldn’t): 
Sylvia AhrensAnd Then One Day She Lost Poetry 
Sylvia Collingsuntitled 
t.l. andrya space grown wide 
t.m. thomsonMoon seats itself 
Tabitha DialMercury in Pisces/ (Poets, Psychics, and People Pleasers) 
Tania HorneSome Thoughts on Beauty 
Tara Jenéeuntitled 
The Philosophical PhysicistQuantum Correlations 
Tillie the ToilerThe house my father built 
Tina ParkerDiagnosis 
TonyForgotten Song 
upfromsumdirtabstrack africana for june 8, 2019 
Venecia ProctorSo Cry Until Your Head Begins to Pound 
Victoria GrossRunning 


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Lexington Poetry Month 2019 Sign Ups Are Open!

Just click on sign up in the top right and join the growing number of poets writing together in June. This will be our 7th year!

You can order last year’s anthology here.


Lexington Poetry Month 2018 Selections

Jude McPherson is excited to share with you his picks for the 2018 Lexington Poetry Month Anthology! The anthology will be released next May. Have fun perusing the selections. They are in alphabetical order by first name or pseudonym.

. untitled
a.a. kate someone i used to know
A.E. Bryant A Guest’s 1-2-3-4–
Aidan Ziliak under this skin i am Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Championship
Amanda Holt The Week After You Die
Amanda Kelly Corbin Slow Progress
Amy Camuglia chainsaw massacre
Amy Cunningham Stoplight Tomatoes
Andrea Lawler Moon-Drenched Heartache
Andrew Depew Writing Comedy
Anne Hayden No Title to be Had
Ariana McCurry for samiah (although you’ll never know)
Ash Sandcastle
Atmospherique Catalogue of Dead Bugs to Be Vacuumed
Austin Rathbone Cute Little Place
Autumn HInes Chinatown Diamond
Bernie Deville Process
Betsie Phillips Summer Body
Bianca Bargo While You’re Away
Bill Verble Morning Walk
Bobbie Steve Baker After the Summit
Bree if it is Spring
Caden Pearson Apathy
Callie Budrick i’ll get my shit together
Candace Chaney my eurydice
Carole Johnston nausea
Cassidy god is the dirt
Cathy Perkins {Cleo} Sated
Christina Bowman Scent
Christopher McCurry How It Feels When Your Wife Leaves You #5
cl kirby on being assaulted.
Claire Qian Temporary Satisfactions
Coco Through the Layers
Dangerfield Yella Vittles or Gender Rolled
Dani Kokachak our lighthouse
Deanna the road to harlan
Debbie Adams Cooper We Wait
Dennis Preston Mealtime
Devan Watson
Donelle Dreese Venus Flytrap
Douglas Self See it for what it is
Eeyore Andronicus Low Country Death of an Asshole
Ella Helmuth Ain’t No Place
Erin Matthews 4CA
Gabby Bedetti Salvation for Messi
Harold Sherman IT WON’T FLY
HB Elam Six Ways of Looking at a Flame
Heather Dent Surrender
Hugg Age
Hunter Nelson Freddy Krueger
Imi Plus Sized Capers
J.Wise Summer Without An Apocalypse
JA Caswell Artificial, Empty
jamie The Wrong House
Jay St. Ortis Playing With My Food
Jennifer Another Easter
Jennifer Barricklow In triplicate
Jennifer Strickett Riding Shotgun
Jeremy Paden If Stones Were Kisses
Jessica Swafford Scenes From the County Fair
Job Jonson drinking stream 1
John McCurry Poem 4: Janelle
Jordan Quinn Today
Joseph Nichols Strange (Bar) Communion
Josey Bryant Mercy
Justin Littrell Once Upon a Holler
K. Bruce Florence The Report Card
K. Gray We Don’t Go to the Same Coffee Shop Anymore
K. Nicole Wilson A Ghost of Lovers Past(/Passed)
Kahleen Gregg A Matter of Vision
Karah Stokes Let’s do it live
Karen George I Want So Terribly To Feel
Kari Burchfield Current Situation
Kate Fadick remember this
Katerina Stoykova Note to Self
kathleen crosmer Peppermint Pig
Katie Cross books burn slowly
Katrin Flores yard sale
Kelly Casey variant
Kelly Tennille Little Sisters
Kerfoot Study a broad, forget her name
Kevin Mcray To my Heart
Koru Cross Country Season Starts Today
Kris Gillis Ishmael
Larry Wheeler Cardio Ballistica
Laura Foley Driver Carries Less Than $20
Lauren Hobson Float
Lauren Myfelt exhaustion
Lennart Lundh (The boy with a clock on his back
Linda Caldwell Cicada Song
Lisa Miller Henry Courage
Liz Prather The Rest is Fat
Lori Taylor Traumaville, Arkansas
M.Wells To the aggressive catcaller on Broadway:
Madeleine Hamilton the first one
Madison Miller
Maggie Brewer Arsenal
Maggie Rue Hess To Understand Soccer
Malinda O’Quinn Scout
Margaret Ricketts The eternal everyday
Mary Allen June 1, 2018
Mary Lou Grafitti
Maya Pemble Bittersweet Sixteen
Meadow Smith the day after
Melva Sue Priddy When You Have an Undertaker for a Friend
Michael Moloney
Michelle Johnson dispelled
Michelle Knickerbocker Grief after tacos
Mike Wilson Physics in a Black Hole
Missy Brownson Working Girl’s Blues
Misty Skaggs murder weapon
MJ Eaton Never Enough Money in the Account
mtpoet This Poem is for the rabbit
Nancy Jentsch Call 202-353-1555 *
Nettie Farris Predators
Nollie Palmer Daywake
Pat Owen The Tin Man
Patrick Maloney american derelict
Patti Miller Six Dimes
Pauletta Hansel Self Portrait as a Cockscomb
Phillip Corley Circadian
Phillip Salley Entropy
Rachel Koshrowshahi Phenomenal.
Rayny Palmer dim
Rebecca Cavendish-Taulbee Synthetic Biohybrid Babydoll
RG Green Thumb
Rona Roberts The One WIth Pockets
Sabne Raznik Home Is Where The Hurt Is
Samantha Radcliffe Mineshaft man, I’ve become you
Sarah Marie Stand Still
Serena Devi altar for june
Shaun Turner Trying Not to Write Roadkill
Shawn Saylor haiku 18
Shelda Hale New Dawn
Smiley To Apollo
stefani heller the box
Stephanie Mojca Adulation
Steve Cummings Left-handed insult?
Susan M. Stephens Reframed
Susie Slusher Bridgestone
Sylvia Ahrens On Going Home Again
Sylvia Collings Vivid
T.D. Worthingon Lunchtime Dejavu, ” my name’s…”
Tabitha Dial Made of Tin
Tania Horne For Jay
The Philosophical Physicist A Series of Closed Loops
tina andry america
Tina Parker Testimony
tm thomson Haven
Upfromsumdirt breastmeat
V. Moriarity Jesus the Cat
V. Violett Von Trapp In My Blood
Victoria Gross Dear New Jersey


Lexington Poetry Month 2017 Selections

Below are tina andry’s selections for the 2017 Lexington Poetry Month Anthology!

Congratulations, Poets!

I hope you enjoy returning to the work you did in June. Have a happy holiday!

The list in alphabetical order based on the name used to post the poems.

Aaron Kerfoot Erin 6:07
Aaron Slatten bunkies
Alexis Tipton My skin
Amanda Holt After Apologizing Months After I Should Have
Amanda Kelley Corbin The heart in this body
Amy Camuglia afternoons
Amy Cunningham New Superstitions All Over the House
Andrea Lawler London
Andrew Depew Origin Story
Anne Hayden Told You So
Ashleigh Barker In Remembrance
Audrey Rooney Of Skeps and Skeptics
Austin Rathbone Ice Cream Social
Autumn Hines secrets
Beatrice Underwood-Sweet Overdue
Bernard Deville Wet Season
Bianca Bargo Summer Question
Bobby Steve Baker Pathetic Fallacy
Brandyn Johnson I Meet a Man from Botswana
Bree For J. in Idaho
Bronson O’Quinn Crumb Girl
Callie Budrick capers
Candace Chaney pornhub doesn’t have what i’m looking for
carole johnston stalking
Catherine Perkins head in
Chaiya Miller knockout
Christopher McCurry While Talking to a Student and Eating a Banana
Chuck Clenney Life is a Hole
Claire Qian Lemonade Cup
Corey Kirby making small talk.
Dakota Himes Mean-Spirited
Danielle Kokochak untitled
Deanna Mascle I need a room of my own
Debbie Cooper “i don’t know shit about love” ~ after Erin L. Mathews
Dennis Preston His Narnia
doh broken
Doug Self The First Eviction
E. Helmuth Show
Edelweiss Meadows-Millstone Sharing Cherries
Elizabeth Beck Strange Design
Elizabeth Sands Wise Small Gestures
Elle Caraway Barefoot
Erin Mathews We’re gross
Gaby Bedetti From Savagery to Civilization
Harold Sherman The Ugly Curse
HB Elam #8026BF ( 128, 38, 191)
J. Wise Etiolate
J.A. Caswell Frankfort
James C. Royce When I think of ashes
james wheeler THE WINDOW
Jamie Mann Angling
Jay St. Orts Pregnant Pause
Jennifer Barricklow Unresolved
Jennifer Beckett In Cassis
Jennifer Curtis Baggage
Jeremy Paden in buen retiro park
Jessica Swafford Taken Care Of
Jim Lally A Woman Doesn’t Wait For Me
John McCurry Lust
Jonel Sallee Perils of an Infernal World
Jordan Quinn Nights Like This
Jordyn Manczyk Once It Cools
Joseph Allen Nichols This Isn’t That
Jude Lally How I Open a Bag of Chips
Jude McPherson I-75 or Check In
K Gray The First One
K. Bruce Florence Singular Start
K. Nicole Wilson Bullet Points of Insanity
Ka`imilani Moving Again: Wrapping It Up
Karen George In a forest clearing
Kate Fadick the one kind face
Katerina Stoykova Excerpts from nearly all poems I started today
Kathleen Gregg The Case for Eating Oranges
Katrin Flores lypsyl
Kevin McCray Family Haiku
Kris Gillis Summer Reading
KYStitcher Results
Lacey L Trautwein Postmates
Larry Wheeler Muscle Memory
Leigh Anne Hornfeldt Coming Home Unexpectedly
Linda Caldwell Compassion Fatigue
Lisa Miller Henry Knots
Liz Prather A Gap in Learning
Lori Taylor Sweet and Sour
M J Eaton Longest Day
M. Wells Morning soft
Maggie Brewer Bounce
Malinda O’Quinn come home
mari leet Knock Out Punches
Mary Allen A Double Fib
Mary Owens Like it is, it does
McKenna Carter Let the bus ride
Melva Sue Priddy Ode to Poison Ivy
michelle johnson submission
Michelle Knickerbocker Before I was one
Mike Wilson Sinner in Remission
Misty Skaggs blossoming and bolting
mtpoet 4 lines about what calls to my heart from your dark eyes
Name Poem Selected
Nettie Farris The Trial
Odella Taylor 8th
Pamela Gibbs Hirschler Oberon and Titania Fight Over Who Does the Dishes
Pat Owen After the Funeral
Patrick Maloney hell of a job
Patti Miller Crayons
Pauletta Hansel My Mother’s Clothes
Philip Corley The Ambivalence of Moving Forward
Philip Sallee What a Life is for?
Rachel Khosrowshahi Disappearing Trick
Rae Cobbs Prediction
Rebecca Cavendish Submission
Reid In the Spring
Robin Rahija When I got back from Puerto Rico
Rona Roberts Shower Ditty
S.L. Tiny Ways To Fall In Love
Sabne Raznik Ask
Saira Furner Grand old archangel
Samantha Ratcliffe Mental
Sean L Corbin Zoloft
Serena Devi untitled
Shelda Hale I Am Not a Stanza
Simon Boes Summer
stefani heller garden vs garden
Steve Cummings Peace Walk
Sue Churchill Fellow
Susie Slusher 3:15 AM
T.D. Worthington Do Us A Favor Grocery Store Stranger
T.M. Thomson The Fox
Tania Horne Era
Teri Foltz God II
The Philosophical Physicist Satori In The Cracked Cup
tina andry herrington lake
upfromsumdirt butt-dialed and listening to you breathe
Victoria Agee Liability
Zlatna Darling