You are baking me a cake. It is chocolate with bright red raspberries on top.  

Don’t worry. It’s fine.
I didn’t really need one anyway. I just wanted it.  

For a while we house trained our god.  

When I left my mother’s house I left on the dresser a small teddy bear with perfumed hair. 

It’s going to rain.  

That summer I stayed at your house so much the lamp in the cage
sucked all the moisture out the lizard’s body.  

Why don’t you ever tell me anything about your life?  

Gray sweatpants. Gray sweatpants. Gray sweatpants.
Gray sweatpants. Gray sweatpants. Gray sweatpants.
Gray sweatpants. Gray sweatpants. Gray sweatpants.

There’s 200 gallons of water in the crawl space.
The air condition fan is stuck on.
The gas has been cut until we find the leak.  

Forgive me Father for I have sinned.  

Once there was a man who had a wife but that man liked the sandwich
made by someone who was not his wife–they all lived.  

We kept the dogs we had in a cage in the backyard and fed them twice a day.  

And then, you’ll never believe what happened next, he cried.  

You wore a white dress with red roses and a high collar to my 1st grade birthday party.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday cake.  

It’s not that the bottle fit. It’s that she don’t give up trying.  

What I want most is someone to talk storms with.  

Pizza for lunch the day the World Trade Center came down.
My juice box is always wrapped in tinfoil so the brown paper bag doesn’t tear.  

What’s the deal with leaving the front door open and the TV on?
Don’t you know it’s too late to leave with that suitcase, dad?  

If what we are about to do is safe, why does she wear gloves and have to test the batteries?  

I do.  

My god, My god, Why have you forsaken me?  

You wore jean shorts and a bikini top and loved the water slides at King’s Island.  

We didn’t expect the crawdad to live even if he was the biggest one any of us had ever seen.  

My hamster ate the heart of my brother’s hamster. 

I made a necklace out of it to give to my daughter. 

You get up and leave and that’s it–except for the memory of
your long legs
your blue underwear.

We decided not to go to the pool that day because the cat flopping in the driveway with half its head missing made us all sick to our stomachs.  

I was asked not to let them kill her, and I let them.
Sometimes when I dream I think I am lightning and then I am.  

She’s in your lap and the fire slow to start at first eventually pushes us further away from its blaze.