Here lies 147 open tabs on my browser:
research articles on pain in neurogenic clubfoot,
where to find different sized shoes,
how to help a stutter,
efficacy of supplements on gut health,
best type of magnesium for pediatric migraines
PANS/PANDAS, brain inflammation–
Why is my daughter always scared?
How to get a sensory eater to eat?
What does food dye do to a brain?
How much arsenic is in apple juice boxes?
Does flouride calcify the pineal gland?
Are the Common Core Standards making kids dumb?
How to prevent childhood sexual abuse?
What towns are safest?
How to prevent bullying?
Did I pass down my untreated Lyme disease in utero?
Is my chronic illness scarring my children?
How do I raise happy children?
Why is the child suicide rate climbing?
Is there any safe place to raise children? 

How do I keep my kids safe
How do I keep my kids safe
How do I keep my kids safe

(And who keeps the unwanted children safe?)