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The Pillar of Creation

The equation of creation
observes the rules
of our radical inception

Ambiguous theories 
built on the foundation
of chemical elements

Existing beyond reason
a metamorphosis
awoken by our cosmic consciousness

Matter put into motion 
time expanded with velocity 
lifes foundation 
the pillar of creation

(the title comes from a Hubble Telescope Photo with the same title)


Found Poem: “Pulse”

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Found Poem: “Pulse”   

— from various media, 10/3/77-6/11/16, for Orlando

  1. a rhythmical throbbing
    of the arteries, as blood is
    propelled through them,
    typically felt in the wrists
    or neck
  2. a single vibration
    or short burst
    of sound, electric
    current, light, or other
  3. a brief
    sudden change
  4. the central
    point of energy
  5. the perceptible
    emotions or sentiments
    of a group
    of people
  6. caused by
    successive contractions
    of the heart
  7. see also: pulsar.

the theory of how
pulsars emit
their radiation is still
in its infancy, even after
40 years.


Chester Johnson, Poem Five

Poem 13, June 13

Chester Johnson, Poem Five

I went to the Navy in 1942.
I served in World War II,
the Korean War they say was not a war,
and I served in the Vietnam War.  

I was at Guadalcanal
and on the USS Missouri
as a Petty Officer Third Class
from the USS Iowa on September 2, 1945.  

I was there to help wire
a sound system that would be used
by General McArthur. Tojo was there.
I was up on the crowded, second deck  

of the battleship,
looking down
on the signing event.
It’s still hard for me
to grasp
how Truman’s two bombs
our world forever.


A Good Address

When we’re away the block captain feeds our cats.
Today the new neighbors welcome our cake.
Meeting on the street we make small talk.

Yet each family builds its own fence,
draws it blinds at dark,
reserves its right to be reserved.