Lexington Poetry Month

Lexington Poetry Month (#LexPoMo) is a month-long celebration of all things poetry in Lexington, Kentucky. Everyone in the community is welcome to use the phrase “Lexington Poetry Month” for any events or activities.

Jim Gray handing the Award to Hap Houlihan at the Morris Book Shop. Photo by Bernie Deville.

#LexPoMo was founded in 2013 by Hap Houlihan and Katerina Stoykova. On June 30th, 2013, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray declared June as “Lexington Poetry Month”.

Lexington Poetry Month is often conflated with the LexPoMo Writing Challenge, since they were founded by the same people and have continued for just as long. But they are (technically) different ideas and events.

The LexPoMo Writing Challenge

How it Works

The #LexPoMo Writing Challenge is an annual event during June where all participants are challenged to write a poem every day and (if they want) post it to the blog. Poems appear on the homepage and other members of the community can comment on your poem.

If you post at least five (5) poems during LexPoMo, your poems will be reviewed by a guest editor for inclusion in an annual anthology. The editor picks one poem, using their own criteria and discretion, from each poet1. If our publisher – Workhorse – has raised enough money for the year, then each published poet will receive a free copy of the anthology.

For more information, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions or send us a message.


The #LexPoMo Writing Challenge was hosted on the Accents Publishing Blog from 2013-2016. Poems were emailed directly to an account monitored by Accents intern Bronson O’Quinn, who manually posted them to the site. After the first year, Bronson taught himself to code to make the process easier on himself and is now a web developer at Mediocre Creative.

In 2017, the responsibility of hosting the event was handed to Workhorse, a local initiative of writers founded by Accents interns Christopher McCurry and Robin LaMer-Rahija. Workhorse is home to The Gauntlet writing workshop and is currently operated by Christopher.

Rayny Palmer joined Workhorse and the LexPoMo Writing Challenge in 2022 for the 10th anniversary where he started answering contact form submissions and remedying any issues in the site’s “backend”.

Our Team

The Website


  • Christopher McCurry
  • Bronson O’Quinn
  • Rayny Palmer

Website Development

  • Bronson O’Quinn

Website Design

  • Brittany Durham (Mediocre Creative)
  • Ethan Wooldridge (Mediocre Creative)
  • Bronson O’Quinn (Accents, LexPoMo, Mediocre)

The Books


Anthology Editors
Series Editor
  • Christopher McCurry

Cover Art


Check out our Participants by year and the associated Anthology:


  1. In rare cases, someone may be excluded from being published. In the past, this has only happened because of a poet’s personal requests or behavior that has caused them to be excluded from the website. We are a close-knit community (most of us know each other personally), so please be kind, generous, and respectful while following the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and Community Engagement.