Bronson O'Quinn

Is It Just Me or Did June* Fly By?

*and July, and August…

Dear Lexington Poets and Poetry Fans,

I want to start out expressing my gratitude for everyone’s participation and appreciation of our niche little project:

Thank you.

I know that doesn’t seem like much, but I genuinely mean it and want y’all to know how much it means that I am lucky enough to give folx the opportunity to share their voice, create while in an encouraging environment, and interact with other like-minded locals, ex-pats, and Lexington-oriented writers. So again:

Thank you.

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As in previous years, I have some statistics about the event to share:

288 Poets

2,993 Poems

3,100 Site Visitors

179,649 Page Views


We actually had fewer registered poets this year (last year we had 299), but more poems (compared to 2,907.)

So yeah: after 10 years, the LexPoMo Writing Challenge still holds strong.

How Did You Enjoy It?

We want to know how this year’s Writing Challenge went. More importantly, we want to know how you felt about this year’s Writing Challenge, along with your feelings about the local literary community, the published anthology, and Lexington Poetry Month in general.

With that in mind, we’d love you to take this survey. (Click here to fill it out.) It should only take a couple minutes and is completely confidential.

Additional Spaces

One part of the survey is related to online communities, specifically Discord and whether or not to have a LexPoMo Discord server. If people would like that, I’d be more than helpful to accommodate the technical side of things. But I also am not personally interested in moderating and mediating conflicts within an additional online community.

While I’ve been relatively lucky that our group is so chill and hasn’t drawn the ire of anonymous hate mobs or 4ch@ń trolls, I also understand how much emotional, mental, and even physical labor is involved in maintaining a volunteer community of passionate people in vulnerable positions (since sharing your art is an inherently a vulnerable act). I don’t take that lightly and would not feel comfortable creating that sort of environment unless it were appropriately monitored and moderated with empathetic people fully committed to bettering the world around them.

So in addition to sharing your honest, anonymous feelings about the event, I would like any and all people to contact us if:

  1. you already know about a well-moderated, empathetic community who would happily host an online space for next year’s LexPoMo Writing Challenge participants,
  2. you would volunteer to moderate within a new Discord channel that I will create but I will not, ultimately, moderate and maintain.

If you’re interested, or have some concerns to express, please send a message through our contact form. If you have my personal email address, please use the contact form anyway, because I let my personal account build for weeks with unread emails before I purge (so you likely won’t be heard for weeks.)

For Next Year

And with that, I want to, again, thank you all. And even though it seems like a ways away, I’m excited to see what happens for next year!

Bronson O’Quinn

Bronson O'Quinn

The Kentucky State Poetry Society celebrates Lexington Poetry Month

Hey everyone, just wanted to let y’all know that you’ve been invited by the Kentucky State Poetry Society to read your poetry in front of a live audience.

Poets who are participating in LexPoMo 2023 are invited to read their poems at the KSPS open mic that will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, June 20th, 8:00 pm Eastern time. Space is limited, so sign up using this link:

After signing up, please share the event on your social media platform of choice.

(And a special thanks to Mary Allen of the Kentucky State Poetry Society for the opportunity.)

Registration photo of Christopher McCurry for the LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge.

The Art of Awe

Welcome to the second half of the month! Whether you write and post every day or write, agonize, and revise to post only the 5 poems required to be considered for publication, you’ve contributed to the 1,700+ poems already posted this month.

Each June, I’m amazed by you all. If this is your first time writing with us, thank you for trusting us with your writing. If you’ve been with us for years, know that you’ve built an inviting safe community for people to create and explore life through poetry.

A short anecdote before I let you get back to your line breaks: I was in a non-poetry related meeting, when I happened to mention Lexington Poetry Month (as I often do during June), and one of the members of the meeting said, “Do you mean LexPoMo?!” He was just as excited to talk about it as I was. Funny thing though, he isn’t writing with us. He just liked “reading all the different kinds of poems.” A friend had introduced him to the site a year ago.

That floored me.

So, I invite you all to share the work you are doing this month those around you who may not write or even read poetry, you never know what could happen. And for the second half of this month of writing, ask yourself: what evokes awe and wonder in your life?


Bronson O'Quinn

We (finally) Got an Events Calendar!

Good afternoon, poets. We have an events calendar!

I’m rushing this a bit so I can get it ahead of tonight’s KSPS Open Mic with special guest (and perhaps LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge participant?) Teja Sudhaker, so there are still a couple graphical glitches. But feel free to browse the handful of poetry events as well as submit your own on our updated Contact Form.

What Took so Long?

Lexington Poetry Month was always intended to be a community celebration of poetry. Back in the days of Accents Publishing, Katerina Stoykova encouraged other organizations to do their own LexPoMo events and made it clear that anyone could freely use the label.

Over time, the Writing Challenge has remained the one consistent LexPoMo event (aside from anthology readings, which are based on work created during the Writing Challenge, so that’s kind of the same thing.) And a large part of that, I believe, has been the Writing Challenge’s strong sense of community and creative support.

When the site moved from Accents to Workhorse, I personally retired from the role of running Accents’ blog, where I wrote daily posts and (as a side effect) also kept track of poetry events. This led to an unintended separation of Lexington Poetry Month from the LexPoMo Writing Challenge. The community on the website was great, but – and this might just be my perspective, as I also had major life changes during this period – the community outside of didn’t thrive and flourish the same way as the website did.

To help encourage more LexPoMo events, as well as spotlight any local (or tangentially locally related) events, please feel free to make LexPoMo your own and share with us your gatherings. This is, after all, Lexington’s poetry month, and I’m excited to see what everyone’s doing!

Bronson O'Quinn

2023 Sign-Ups Are Open

Head on over to the Sign-Up page, if you haven’t already, and join our 11th consecutive Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge.

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Selections from Lexington Poetry Month 2022

Howdy Poets! It’s the holiday season so here’s a little gift: a poem of yours has been selected to be published in the 2022 Lexington Poetry Month Anthology! You can scroll down and see all the poems selected (or crtl+f the name you wrote under last June to find yours). Thank you for writing with us last June, and if you feel like it, consider supporting our community through our Patreon Page!

First NameLast NameLast Last NamePoem
DebbieAdamsCooperI/Me/My/oh Why?
NelAfenyaall bluff no ring
SylviaAhrensLetter, Unwritten
ajamajamlike sister like sibling
AlissaAlissaLike when I bite my lip
JosephAllenNicholsFeather & Scale
MaryAllenThe Dig
angeljkayangeljkayMetaphor Dice: Erudite Expansion
LindaAngeloFound Poem
ArwenArwenPicking the Chair at the Family Reunion
atmospheriqueatmospheriquepls (pink lemonade)
AustenAustenHouse, Circa 1911
TrishBaldwinwhy must I make my head so full of things
JenniferBarricklowRose-Colored Glasses
BlackTreeBlackTreeIt’s all about Letter’s & Number’s Leading 2 Words to be an Up Right Man.
thebluegrasswarblermarigolds and motor mounts
RachelBollmanTidy Up!
DadbotGarden Children
LukeBrannona sigh
KendallBrookefisherman rick
LindaBryantThe Path
BillBrymerThe Desk
ElizabethBurtonWe Aren’t Cat People
BeverleyByers-PevittsTrelle II
TomC.HunleyMy Chili Recipe (An Ars Poetica)
NoelCagneyHiero Phantom
LindaCaldwellPoem for Jupiter and Saturn
VeraCalypsePeople Pleaser: by “Magical Powers” Girl
PamCampbellAn American Sentence V
CarrieCarlsonIt’s What’s Inside That Counts
DustinCecilfingers entwined
AutumnColemanThe F Word
MaddieColemanThe Ferris Wheel belongs to the younger Me
AmandaCorbinXI: Justice
SeanCorbinEncountering a Blue Heron on Richmond Road
PhilipCorleyWearing T-Shirts from the Last Job
ColetteCrownRooms #1
CathyCultice LentsWAITING
SteveCummingsbetter worlds
AmyCunninghamRugbeater (with instructions)
EmmaDthey say
PamDIn My Own Little Corner
D.D.R.G.D.D.R.G.New me
D.R.C.D.R.C.Shadow + Light
ColemanDavisLinda’s Hair
LeslieDavisOde to the Lafayette Track Team
DeeDeeCats and Dogs
BernardDevilleKitchen Table Issues
LaddDingleyMilk Duds
huntere.westenhoferOde to the Nuances of My Body
RyanE.what I remember of the train stations in Stockholm, Sweden
ElaineElaineAnother shooting at three a.m.
HBElamHere is this week’s Explanation of Benefits.
CarrieElam SpillmanBox fan
LeifEricksonKoan for Forgiveness 0f the Self
ESDSESDSAlmost Aligned
MairaFaisalMy First American Sentence on the Last Day
LibbyFalkJonesAir Born, or Shopping the Virtual World
nettiefarrisRoom 217: Estes Park, Colorado
DavidFlynnClean Living
LauraFoleyPorch Swing
MorghanFullerSpring Cleaning
MichaylaGatsosBooks and Coffee
KarenGeorgeWhat I Found There
KrisGillisIn a Stranger’s Kitchen
DebraGlennbare walls
GoldieGoldieHopes proposed by perfidious prospects, simpering bows of a Dreamers Christmas
NancyGourdeSelf Song
KathleenGreggode to my sister
AnnieGriggsI Love You
MannyGrimaldiTake a maple seed
AnnHaneyThe Story of Dust
PaulettaHanselMy Unfinished Poems of June
KatieHassallPower Outage
stefanihellerRandom people from my life #1
J.L.J.L.Where Your Heart Is
H.JamesHope to Sleep
JazzyJazzyChill E
NancyJentschSand and Stars
JerielleJerielleHeat Wave in Austin
PatrickJohnsonGarage Sale
ChristinaJoyFuneral Coffee
jstpoetrySpaceship Couch
AbbyKaneThank You Notes
KimKayneShaverWhite Lace Curtains
KerfootKerfootI am a sum of all I took
clkirbyall because of the grand budapest hotel.
MichelleKnickerbockerSugar Plum
A.R.Koehlergym rat
KWKWIn the Moment
MLStephensThe Potter
JimLallyThe Junk of Sardis
laneylaneymy birthday
LaurenLaurenA list of facts, or things that rhyme with thread
AndreaLawlerKenopsia or the Erieness of places left behind
SueLeathersI buy another ticket to the circus
LeToniaLeToniaI AM
AlveraLisabethReadin’ My Way from a Suburban Porch Smack Dab into My Mama’s Lap
JustinLittrellSunday Supper
LennartLundhM-1 Garand, 10-round Clip
SusanM.StephensIt could be two months or two years
MackaeMackaeSpace Haiku
MagnoliaMagnoliaSometimes I Resent You
MariMariOld Age Message
ErinMathewsHow It Ends
KristiMaxwellBig I
JayMcCoyChristmas at the Asylum
ChristopherMcCurryOn Having a Day to Ourselves
SteveMeadowsHosting the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Louisville; Haiku 1
F.Mellorwords from a 7 year old.
ToniMenkHouse Pet
MadisonMillerComing Home
MistyMistyBrass Elephant
CourtneyMusicHand it Down
KevinNanceThe Napkins
HunterNelsonAt a Burrito Bar
MaryNicholsNeighbor – North Limestone
K.NicoleWilsonIf I Had’a
RenaNuttThinking about C
BronsonO’QuinnWhat if…
MalindaO’QuinnPickle Magic
PatOwenHis Shoes
KatherinePaisleyMosh Pit
RaynyPalmerthe bends
SonyaPavonahouse alone
MayaPembleSon of Cups
CathyPerkinsMy Feelings About Coloring or Sitting Around Wasting Time
CadencePermanI Met A Girl
LizPratherSunday School: The Dancing King
DennisPrestonDressed Up
JordanQuinnto the working poets
M.R.HeltzelFor Us
R.RadR.RadLittle Brown Dog
AustinRathboneNight Flare
SabneRaznikLove Story
AaronRedingSomething Borrowed
MilesRedingOCD & the fascination with keeping oneself alive
DelmarReffettSketches from a Federal Flood Zone: II
Amy Le AnnRichardsonGrasp
JuliaRichersonCat eyes
ReneeRigdonTwo Bits
JessRoatProcrastination Takes Action, a Villanelle
KatrinaRolfsenLucky Charm
DarleneRoseDeMariaOn a Bench
BobRouseBaseball never leaves me
MaggieRuthmy father’s laughter
AmaniS. K.your/my dad
samsamnew notches in the doorway
RobertaSchultzLive as if You are Already Dead
screamin’ianscreamin’ianuntitled as well
R.SextonFall Beans
SusieSlusherBinge and Purge
NicoleSmithShower Thoughts
DonSolarzThe whole world is a single flower
MyaSophiaOf a morning
JaySt.OrtsRelic: Fruit of the Tomb
ReganStrehlBrought to you by Rage & Insomnia
DebraStuartTribute to an Old Friend
MelvaSuePriddyLoss & Emptiness Are Not the Same Thing
LouiseTallenOnly One
AshleyTaylor6/1/22 Under the Magnolia Moon
j.ltaylorcleaning out the fridge
BrigitTruexFossil Find
beckturneyvirtual family
JulesUnselOde to Carl
upfromsumdirtupfromsumdirtthe soapbox at the yardsale
Z.Z.Van TappanVan TappanYou Haul
BillVerbleBug Spray
PatrickWaldenBruised Papers
M.WellsWellsIn the universe, I’m a speck
DickWestheimerI Have Wasted My Life*
EricWillisThe Weight of Water #5
ScottWilsonWanderer’s Song
EmilyWithenburyFrom Further On Down The Hardwood Halls
VictoriaWoolfBaileyYard Ornaments
DangerfieldYellaLoves Taxicab Blues Last Day of Spring or Summer in the City


Selections for Lexington Poetry Month 2021

Pauletta Hansel has made her choices for the 2021 anthology! Checkout which of your poems will be published in the print anthology and join the ever growing number of poets supporting the publication of this anthology, chapbooks, and a new literary journal called Yearling by becoming a Workhorse Writer on Patreon!

DebbieAdams Cooper,,,
SylviaAhrensThe Spirit We Own and Love
AlbaAlbaGood morning
MaryAllen**** (6/16/21)
JosephAllen Nichols1:30 a.m. Prayer
t.landrythe swing
J. F.AngelDouble Vision
angeljkayangeljkayCamp NaNo: Summer Draft 2021
LindaAngeloSensible Shoes
BodyBaghdada house divided against itself
BeatriceBeatriceIn the Rain
ElizabethBeckSummer Blues
GabyBedettiFirst Day of Summer
MarilynnBellThree Wishes
AllenBlairThrow Down Your Mattock, Blinking
BlazeBlazeThe List; a useless love poem (pt. 2)
RachelBollmanSilly So So
MaggieBrewerSeventh Anniversary Gifts
LindaBryantMother Changes Form
JoseyBryantA Thought
MichaelBurnhamsometimes punctuation helps. sorta.
BeverleyByers-PevittsGeorgia’s Apples
PamCampbellThe Difference of a Letter
CarrieCarlsonThe Wild Hair
carrotmancarrotman50/50 is better than nothing
kellycaseygood grief
dustincecilplace she lain
Coco (Common Objects in COntext)Coco (Common Objects in COntext)Source
Philip R.CorleySecret Affair with Destruction
stevecummingspride goeth
AmyCunninghamHe Settled My Hash
LesDavisIn Which I Explain Proper Hygiene to My Dogs
StefanDelipoglouElegy by Allergy
TabithaDialBluegrass Benediction: Calls for at Least 2 Altar Candles (Though Any Number of Fireflies Will Do)
MeredithDillOnly A Cereal Killer
PaulaDixonYour Mind’s Betrayal
dogtraxdogtraxResting The Writing Self
MartaDortonJune 21, 2021untitled
TeneiceDurrantFour of Pentacles
HBElamFeelings on changes a year makes
EnbyWhoWritesEnbyWhoWritesFrom My Heart to My Brain
CodyEvansRollback Melon
MorganEvansI Came From (In the spirit George Ella Lyon)
MairaFaisalTo the Top, Together
LibbyFalk JonesBears in the North Georgia Woods
NettieFarrisQuaker Ladies
HelenFeibesHealing on a Sunday two weeks after
AmyFiggsA Certain Age
K. BruceFlorenceOrder in the Court VII
KatrinFloresi am pulling cobwebs like these out the grooves of my brain
LaurelFoxWords of Grace
LindaFreudenbergerMy Dad
MorghanFullerWeightless Love
ChanceGardenerLexpomo Benediction
MichaylaGatsosSummer Haiku
KarenGeorgeSoaking in the Light * (For my Uncle Frankie, who passed away June 26th at the age of 93)
GeriGeriBroad Shoulders
Kathryn R.GillespieCrying in the Car
KrisGillisTonight at the Open Mic
DebraGlennroses (number 3)
GoldieGoldie“—”, so as not to perturb old Frankl’s stake
GregGregTwo Moments
KathleenGreggI finally follow the loudest voice
MannyGrimaldiIn the Name of Allah the Generous, a Ghazal
GerryGrubbsI Wanted To Sing
H.A.H.A.We All Can’t Be Superfly Jimmy Snuka
SheldaHaleWhat Would Li Po Say?
HaleyHaleycomparison is the thief of originality
MadeleineHamiltonhopefully the last one i’ll ever post here
JerielleHanlonLife at 523
PaulettaHanselPraise Poem While Weeding
KelliHansel HaywoodThey Sleep in Separate Beds
HavenHavenAt Last
MelissaHeltonThis Naming
Maggie RueHessHunger
AmandaHoltThe Day After the Cutting
TaniaHorneTaking my pettiness to the grave
Leigh AnneHornfeldtAn Endangered Bird Is Forgetting Its Song as the Species Dies Out
DonnaIsonLast Request
LucyJamesMorning Honeysuckle
NancyJentschA Little Ghazal
PatrickJohnsonNature of Us
CaroleJohnstoncircle unbroken
ChristinaJoyRakott Krumpli: serves six
EchoJoyBoba on Dixie
K.Ka’imilani Leota SellersLost and Found
AbbyKaneThe Lesson
KimKayne Shaverday drink haiku
KellyKellyIce Music
clkirbya god, reincarnate.
laneylaneythe tile is cold
LaurenLaurenBlue Baby
AndreaLawlerYou Will Know Her Name
SueLeatherssong for a runaway
ErinLeigh MathewsBuried Treasure
AlveraLisabethDown the Drain
vanesam.sJune 14, 2021 11.
ManiMania man owns fine property in the city
marimariCovid Relief
Mary LouMary LouWhen Pondering My Identity
DeannaMascleZero Moment Hinge
JayMcCoyNot Yet
AbraMcCurryBut there was a fire in the distance.
SteveMeadowsWheelbarrow Vaccine
Abigail J.Miller1. Pollinators in the Dark
MadisonMillerThe Taste of She is Sharp
LisaMiller HenryThe Bad Land
A.MillsFive Parts Memory
mtpoetmtpoetI did not go to Nashville
KevinNanceAbecedarian for Adolescence
nelnelgone for now
AnjaliNelsonExcavating the future
RenaNuttC in Country 3
MalindaO’QuinnDear Scout
BronsonO’QuinnReasons: #0001
OdinOdinDay off dream
MichaelOlsonFoster Care
ElaineOlundLiving With It
PatOwenPost Pandemic
RaynyPalmerManuscript I
VirginiaParfittBlackberries are not for keeping
TinaParkerLost Year
SonyaPavonasinging history
S.B.PearceSolid Black Eyes
CatherinePerkinsThis Is What Came Out Of My Brain This Morning
LizPratherAll These Old Girls
Melva SuePriddyEverything Has Memory
JordanQuinnYou Can Sleep
JudithRamsey SouthardA Mouse Takes Me Deeper
AustinRathboneIt Is What It Is
SabneRaznikLiving With or Without
DelmarReffettChildhood Folklore
AmyRichardsonThat Humid Post-storm Need
JasmineRobinsonI Stop at the Beginning
MaggieRuthcity stars
S.US.Ua letter to a wolf that calls itself a boy:
AlyseSammarcoMaybe I promised I’d be Better
RobertaSchultzPoem Begun with a Line from Basho
EricScott SutherlandThe coast of your heart
DouglasSelfA perfect moon
BonitaSkaggs-ParsonsHow Can You Not?
SusieSlusherWe Were a Flash Flood; We Were Never Beautiful Enough to be a Thunderstorm
elizzassullivannCity Mouse (a work in progress)
stefani joistefani joijoy
SusanStephensPuke and pondering
GGStewartPsalm For Summer
SarahStoltzfus AllenObservations from My Office Window
KaterinaStoykovaLimerick (6/2)
LouiseTallenJuly, 1972
j.ltaylorhome inspection – minor concern / maintenance needed
LoriTaylorI Am More
TejaTejathe drive home
the bluegrass warblerthe bluegrass warblersaying goodbye to the broken chair of time
The Whale’s TailThe Whale’s TailGitmo
t.m.thomsonInto Twilight
Tillie the ToilerTillie the ToilerMulberry Tree Blows Over:
ShaunTurnerI Dreamed of Being Last stanza only. I dreamed is new title.
upfromsumdirtupfromsumdirtWelcome To Safe Haibun
BillVerbleNot Quite Haiku
VioletVioletDear Friend
JaminWaiteGastronomic Garden
PeteWallaceI Can
LoganWardSummer Break Free Verse
KatelynWeldonAging in Space
hunter e.westenhoferBanana Bread Recipe
DickWestheimerA Musing of the Barely Self-Aware
TonyWhearyreluctant witness
GinnaWilkersonCat Watching
EricWillisA Bowl of Room Temperature Soup
K. NicoleWilsonTanka for the Fireflies
MikeWilsonSometimes we must
LeslieWorkmanMother’s Love Part 2
DangerfieldYellaFitting or Why I type
Faith DeYoungHowling Baby, Sometimes the World Actually is Crazy

Bronson O'Quinn

Big Badge Update

Don’t see badges for all the years you’ve participated? Well, we’ve finally caught up for demand and assigned them. All you need to do is go to your Dashboard and make them visible by following these instructions:

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Welcome to LexPoMo 2021

Meet our Guest Editor: Pauletta Hansel!

Below is last year’s video with some instructions about navigating the website!

Bronson O'Quinn

Site Updates – May 12, 2021

We finally added a search bar to the top of the page!

If things look broken, please clear your browser cache and refresh!

I know I’m not the only person annoyed with having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page just to search for someone’s poems, so I finally did something about it.

You’ll also notice a “Sponsors” Section in the upper-right corner underneath the user functions:

If you’re worried that this is some corporate takeover of Lexington Poetry Month: don’t be. We’ve always listed sponsors in the footer and meant to include them somewhere else, so this is really just us finally getting it done. (However, if you would like more info about sponsorships, contact Christopher McCurry through the form on the Contact Page.)

Speaking of updates, expect several revisions in the next couple of weeks before the event. You can always see my developer change-log on the “System Updates” page. And if you experience an issue, use that same contact form to send us some feedback. It might take a few days but someone ALWAYS responds.

While the design for these new additions were technically done under the umbrella of my employer, Mediocre Creative, I’d love to give a “shout out” to Ethan Wooldridge for designing these humble features (plus a few we haven’t yet seen…) So be sure to browse his Instagram, his Behance, or some of the branding Case Studies made by Mediocre Creative.

And as always, you can support the site in myriad ways, not the least of which is donating to the Workhorse Patreon.

Now that’s enough coding for the day. Time to go write something!

– Bronson