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Participated in the 2013 Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge

Poets with Badge

NOTE: Because poets have the ability to hide their badges and because registrations on only started in 2017, this may not represent an accurate portrayal of poems published by their associated poets, badges assigned to a poet, a poet's participation in the Writing Challenge, or anyone's relationship to Lexington Poetry Month, the Writing Challenge, or any other events, organizations, or persons.

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  • B. Sweet
  • Bernard Deville
  • Bronson O'Quinn
  • Carole Johnston
  • Christopher McCurry
  • Clay Shields
  • Debbie Adams Cooper
  • Douglas Self
  • Duke Gatsos
  • Elizabeth Beck
  • J McCoy
  • Jay St. Orts
  • Jennifer Beckett
  • Jeremy Paden
  • Jessica Swafford
  • Jude Lally
  • Karah Stokes
  • Karen George
  • Kari Burchfield
  • Katerina Stoykova
  • Leigh Anne Hornfeldt
  • M J Eaton
  • Maggie Brewer
  • Marta E Dorton
  • Mary Allen
  • Melva Sue Priddy
  • Michelle Knickerbocker
  • Nettie Farris
  • Pamela Gibbs Hirschler
  • Patrick Maloney
  • Pauletta Hansel
  • Rae Cobbs
  • Robin Rahija
  • T. D. Worthington
  • Teneice Durrant