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Howdy! Welcome to the most encouraging and talented group of poets writing today. For 10(!) years we’ve fostered a community that’s all about writing and reading together. We are poets of all backgrounds and styles. There’s nothing like this space anywhere else in the world. Please help us grow and sustain it!

Our goal this year is 200 supporters. If you can contribute, you’ll help us keep this going. The support gets you a copy of the anthology! We think you will want to remember this time, and possibly want Lexington Poetry Month around this time next year, too.

Help us out by contributing a little bit each month, you won’t regret it:

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Workhorse, the publishing company that hosts the LexPoMo writing challenge and publishes the yearly anthology, is committed to providing opportunities for working writers to learn and grow in their craft. You can check out the website @ www.workhorsewriters.com