Laurel Fox | LexPoMo 2022

I have enjoyed Lexpomo for the past three years and look forward to participating this year, as well–just off to a very late start.

Noel Cagney | LexPoMo 2022

Little therapy
Personal journey of art
Trying to be creative on the Fly every day

Diana Conway | LexPoMo 2022

To give and receive pros, words from others who strive to express life in words…

Ladd Dingley | LexPoMo 2022

A fun way to be involved with the Lexington community while simultaneously pressuring myself to write something small every day.

Ka`imilani | LexPoMo 2022

I like to be challenged. And though I am signing up late, I hope to put in the work and try to put in some writing time this summer.

HB Elam | LexPoMo 2022

To hear the clickety clacks of my keyboard as I type my silly little words.

Hunter Nelson | LexPoMo 2022

I’ve really slacked on writing in the past few years. Could pin it on all sorts of reasoning, but since reigniting teen howl, the poetry group that made me passionate for the art, I feel a need to throw myself back into it. I look forward to fitting poetry back into my life, no matter how hectic I may see it to be.

Janelle M. | LexPoMo 2022

To support my brother and exercise written expression.