Posts for June 7, 2017



He gave his two left feet
And danced away the pain


Wedding Picture

Favorite photo
Of my parents’ wedding:
My brother 
Just days before 
He’d  turn twelve 
Arms crossed 
Face scowling 



Walking to dialysis, I bounce.
I feel my hips swing behind me,
pumping me high above the playground.  

I am young; I have a world ahead of me.
I won’t need glasses for three decades.
Now, I can’t keep them clean. Eyes fail.  

My mother became blind in one eye.
The woman I now recognize was my
best friend, who always read, did, too.  

It’s different not to see craters
on the moon, or the shadows of
my mother’s face, orbiting above me.  

I see everything through jellied gauze.
It’s there, just out of reach, like spirits
in a graveyard that we bring with us.  

They set us free. We soar through time,
remembering delight. I see you run after
the wild goose who refused to fly.  

You skip trip, chasing after him, laughing.
You bend to pick up a spent magnolia blossom.
I still have its ruby seeds.  

Or maybe it’s just one I found, your talisman.
Thank you for this earth, this loneliness
that makes me seek you in my sky.


#E710C9 ( 231, 16, 201)

so tiny, this sliver
of effervescent sunlight
bouncing along the western sky
to produce a 90s punk-pop backdrop
for a moribund traveler;
this cloud, no special object
just one observed while topping a hill
going five under,
nearing home
and rest; 
this specific shade
reaching me, however quickly,
and gone the selfsame instant
made me realize just how I appear
to the universe
that produced it


for liz

we danced
on trains and in parks
in the kitchen while we painted
everything pink

we tripped
through city streets
and dark alleys
seeking out music and walking white lines
with the vampires

screamed at the mice
and the men
and stared stony and angry at death
as it stole our friends

we drifted
separated by miles
and emotions
yet tethered by the memories
and promises of another adventure

but you’ve gone and left
off on an adventure
dancing along a path that i will someday follow

til then…


On Patrol

My cat patrolled
every window today
as if ordered to be
a constant Instragram post
of ideal protection,
poised in every empty
window frame to hiss
at marauding stray cats.

I read as if reading
only existed in the summer.



met the muse
foe not poet
tied pet pit
pen tint tins

coy boy toy
oboe hot cove
timed times ten
meme beam vain

sun fun run
tow pew pub
wet pave heat
den swept


Sharing Cherries

To watch us embrace–
here we are in the doorway
our home inside one
another’s dirty beauty
accustomed to these kisses

This noble glory
of the midday moon stretches,
blooms and grows, bubbles
from our molten meadow lips
at first sight– we love

(c) Edelweiss Meadows-Millstone 



scramblin brain
ramblin train

beard too long
things went wrong

old army shirt
filthy with dirt

been on the news
nothin to lose

his sign says
anything will help


Comey Eve

What does it feel like
to have words people want?
Anecdotes for what’s
got us frothing
and unfriending
and cherry picking headlines.
Will the phrase “hooker piss”
come up? If so, in what context?
What twists of arms 
and tucks of greasy bills,
bugs and promises.

What cans of Pandora’s worms

are you about to open?