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A Letter to My Children

it helps to tell you
i come from brokenness
it’ll be easier  
i can’t be a perfect man
that’s why I fell in love
with a perfect God
i’ll show you
that a life hidden in Christ
is worth living for;
when you find something
of supreme value
and believe it
your heart ignites
this faith isn’t a program
in religion
it’s a love letter
a divine rescue mission
a dead man
brought to life
a miracle
like you


Lessons in Justice

He grabs my arm,
“He pushed the other boy first!  I saw him.  Will he get in trouble?”
I gaze at the fight, two teen boys grappling
over a snatched and guzzled Gatorade
on a day when summer heat creates fools.
He yanks my arm again,
I look at his 6-year-old face
assure of fairness, awaiting affirmation.
Maybe, I tell him…

Today in Massachussettes, a woman charged with manslaughter.
At seventeen, her texts urged a boy to climb back in the truck and
breathe deep the carbon monoxide.
Her verdict?  Guilty.
Her punishment?  Possibly twenty years.

While in Minnesota, an officer charged with manslaughter.
He fired seven bullets
into a compliant cafeteria worker,
a routine traffic stop turned nightmare
for the fiancee and child in the car.
Verdict for the cop?  An acquittal.

Maybe not.


Dance with the Devil

His steps
are like

I watch
to burn.


No Rope or just us

I know
a lynching when I see one
being a scared cop means
you can put 7 shots into a car 
with a baby in the backseat 
and walk away. 
being brown and scared and
compliant with instructions given
by the police means nothing. 
they can still put 5 in your side
and walk away. 

So why are we being compliant again? 



This morning at Vacation Bible School
8 year old Jacob
50 year old Ms. Julie.

Jacob said:
“I think it’s crazy that there are shoes that cost more than a dog.”

Ms. Julie said:
“Well, I guess shoes last longer.”
And continued on with the story.

And tonight in my studio apartment
all my 23 year old self wants to say is:
“Give me a yard full of life, and I will happily walk barefoot.”


De Stijl: A Structural Depth To Emotional Math

The Style, abstraction
pure radical reduction
devoid of subject
A primary persuasion
the trinity of color
with black & white shades
Non-objective lines
define vertical restraint
minimalist truth
Internal design 
asymmetrical intent
geometric style
Horizontal planes
give a structural depth to
emotional math

Photograph FujiFilm XPro2


For whom all Gods are dead

No bread from heaven 

No rulers high above or below

Only dreams within, hands without


Five minutes?!?!?

Waiting impatiently through the little moments
That make up the gaps between
The fun she expects of her existence
I know she cannot conceive
Of the years that will pile on before her

She lives as though it must be consumed at once
As though she knows her time is up
At age twelve

As hungry and determined
As an able-bodied thirty-something
Counting down the days to

Now, now, and now!
Waiting is painful
But it’s only a little lesson
On accepting time and its
Cold, finite terms and conditions


Dark Matter

Energy looms in the rabbit’s hole.
Alice, the breaker-in-of-entries, is a thief.  
Jabberwocky, the guard dog.
She never did understand a damn thing about Wonderland.   Energy looms.

My circuits are fried.
It has been so long since I have cried.  
Energy looms. I didn’t know when you died. Never felt your presence—too wrapped up in my own— You’re dead.

Did you ask me if you could die? Today is your birthday. Is a birthday still a birthday after the death’s day?  

Man cannot travel through place.
Energy looms. Man cannot level the pace.
Energy looms.

Space is a blooming flower mankind would rather snip,            slip into a vase filled with water; The center piece of an elegant dining room.

Energy looms in a fist, in an open hand. Contained in the blood flowing through the heart. Traveling to the rest of the body through capillaries and veins. Capillaries and veins Capillaries and veins The same path heart Path capillaries path veins The same organs insanity the same Energy looms.



Segue of Moving

I am in love

with the moving 

transition between here

and there, the time that body

uses to adjust to living

in a simpler form. 

Body, suspended between 

two places that no longer exist,

shifting, with benevolence, in segue 

that is, in fact, being, that

allows skin and sensory organs

to be poised for the next place,

be it five minutes or five hundred miles

where body next finds herself. 




after Brandyn Johnson’s “Go”, with gratitude