Energy looms in the rabbit’s hole.
Alice, the breaker-in-of-entries, is a thief.  
Jabberwocky, the guard dog.
She never did understand a damn thing about Wonderland.   Energy looms.

My circuits are fried.
It has been so long since I have cried.  
Energy looms. I didn’t know when you died. Never felt your presence—too wrapped up in my own— You’re dead.

Did you ask me if you could die? Today is your birthday. Is a birthday still a birthday after the death’s day?  

Man cannot travel through place.
Energy looms. Man cannot level the pace.
Energy looms.

Space is a blooming flower mankind would rather snip,            slip into a vase filled with water; The center piece of an elegant dining room.

Energy looms in a fist, in an open hand. Contained in the blood flowing through the heart. Traveling to the rest of the body through capillaries and veins. Capillaries and veins Capillaries and veins The same path heart Path capillaries path veins The same organs insanity the same Energy looms.