Posts for June 15, 2019



all day i pop my knuckles
and inscribe the moments on these bones.
hands tired from the tire-turn of driving,
shoulder slouched from the cheek-weight of love.
my fingers still ache to crack these things into place.



Your rickety bones
can collapse
next to mine
they feel unsteady



Jesus, it’s me again

I’m pulling on your sleeve 

    Lifting up a prayer 

         Reaching out to touch the tassels of your prayer shawl

Wanting to make a connection

Wanting to be vine and branch

Wanting you to be the constant light of my life

I want to be the answer to your command to love as you loved

I want to be the answer to your prayer for unity and peace

I’m asking for your help and companionship

You ask, Do you love me?

Yes, Lord Jesus, I love you with all my heart

You answer,  then your prayer is already answered



as the rain fell
the obelisk shifted


I Bought A Wrestling T-Shirt For You

Dear friend, I’m sorry I told him you were into the bad boy in 6th grade
It wasn’t a lie, but I knew he wanted to kiss you
Even though he and I talked on the phone for hours at a time and I tried to love wrestling the way he loved wrestling
I wanted to kiss him so bad

In high school, he got a truck
And suddenly he wasn’t riding to the show in my backseat
With my little brother
Eating at Long John Silver’s, and not sharing his pie
He took the skinniest girl he could find
And lost his virginity in that truck
Even though we laughed together every day and I even let him crack my knuckles just to be touched

Pretty soon, we were basically strangers, and
I never did get to see what his lips tasted of




The Simple Things

The water runs

The trees sway

And the sun shining through

The sound of laughter

The comfort of friends

It’s so peaceful

How the simple things

Can be so beautiful


A hand out the window

Rolling through a small town

The music up loud

Smiling faces all around

Reminiscing on childhood memories

It’s so peaceful

How the simple things

Can be so beautiful


The moon peaks

Through the puffy clouds

It’s still light out

The wind is blowing lightly

The bluegrass music plays softly

It’s so peaceful

How the simple things

Can be so beautiful


Bringing News

For some reason, the old mountain hermit
came down from the mountain. A former son
of a rich farmer, he’d gone to war, 
came home, found God, after a rough time
in the north of France. Lived alone, now,
was said he prayed all day long, for hours
unending in the nave of the woods.

That Sunday, folks in church wore their best,
listened politely. The old preacher raised his hands
in the hot storefront church and said, “Brethren,
do not be ashamed.” He wiped his brow
with a yellowed hankie. “It is our job,”
he said, “To love one another.”
A silence crept through the wide windows of
the former feed store. “Brothers and sisters,”
he began again. “We are called upon
to be a new thing.” The congregation sat still,
mouths drawn. Who was this man,
to call upon them to behave like new
people? They already knew their God’s
contours and found it was like their own.


lunch at a bosnian cafe

i watched a decrepit man
lift a soviet cup to his lips
before setting it back down
he held a cigarette between his fingers
taking a long draw from it
before dropping it into the cup
and walking away from the cafe
i don’t think he even left a tip



you drive me 
to the coast 

of desire 
just so i can watch

the sun slip
into the water 



trying to say god 11

life carried
by an old woman

in the mirror
the young one