First of all, I’m extremely excited that the design firm I work for, Mediocre Creative, is sponsoring the event again this year and even had some awesome designers give the site a once-over. Take a look at the new, clean look and give a shoutout to Brittany Durham, Ethan Price, and Shawn Saylor to thank them for the help.

Since we’re opening registrations a little earlier than we expected, though, we’re going to have a few bugs. I just noticed that my profile pic got uploaded but isn’t being displayed. And I’m aware that these post pages are a little wonky at the moment. I’ll definitely get those fixed before May, but if you notice anything like that, hit us up at the Contact Page and use as many exclamation marks as you can handle.

Anyway, I’m excited for this year’s event. Every year it gets bigger and it’s such a constant reminder of the awesome people I’ve been missing by deleting my Facebook account.