Posts for June 28, 2020


The Gambler

Fading into the sunset,
Taking bets your regrets
Will be the things you’ll reminisce
On death’s bed door

♡Anastasia Z.  Cunningham 


Conspiracy Theory?

The U.S. Government

Give us your scientists and engineers.
Martyr Adolf.

And then we’ll show you how to reign

Sans swastikas.



Don’t compromise yourself

You’re not loosing Your battles

Just because you haven’t seen your victories arise


Things take time

And time sometimes seems to drip like your first apartments leaky faucet

A slow continuous thud that you have yet to fix, or really even notice

But soon it will be gushing

And your goals will no longer be within arms leangth 

But at your fingertips 

And you’ll wonder why you ever questioned yourself to begin with


Not your whiskey

I am not an army of one-
You don’t get that lucky.
I’m what they call overkill,
And you’ve got a hell of a bill.

I could stand all alone,
But punk, you are unlucky.
From here on out it’s all uphill-
I love it when you call me shrill.

I’ll chew you up like acetone-
Know the thing about Kentucky?
We’re pure undistilled and iron will
And motherfucker I’ll die on this hill.


Echoes of Tradition

We used to gather,
wrapped in humidity
and stale air, watch
distant controlled
explosions bloom
(Climbing Hydrangea
tendrils ever reaching
for the unclaimed)
and overtake the inky blanket 
of night, rorschach
thunderheads looming
in the distance. 
When the pyrotechnic
percussive roar drew
its last breath, we offered
a standing ovation,
surrounded by sulfur
and fireflies.


Shelter Sickness

I can’t risk cuddles or take time to play
a clean smock per room

bundled into sanitized carriers
cages scrubbed with bleach

food is measured, conditions are noted
willing survival

hoping for kind hands and the tender care
I can’t give you here

a home with so much room for each of you
no more kitties lost.


Seeking the Sacred – Reflections on the Fourth of July

Fragile is the land on which we live
under the broken sky; 
cursed is the coal we gather in greed, 
killing the land – and the people. 

Today we celebrate the Indian Wars, 
hating the witches so righteously burned, 
each time to save our native land. 

Far have we journeyed to gather the slaves, 
lynchings mark the trees like broken limbs, 
all of the bodies burned in the endless war, 
good God. Will you damn America?

July 4, 2013


Pop Song (in the tune of Norwegian Wood)

Verse 1
All I ever wanted to be
Was a pop song, for you to sing
The one that you’d like to play
As the day slips away, and you need to swing

Bridge 1
My melodies are nothing if they’re not stuck in your head
My rhythms are lost if they’re not rattling your bed

Verse 2
All I ever knew how to do
Was tell a lie, but sing it true
Somewhere between middle and high brow
I’m singing it now, sticky like glue

Instrumental Break

Bridge 2
I feel left behind and sooner or later you’ll find
That this song fails to exist anywhere but inside your mind

Verse 3
All I ever wanted to be
Was a pop song, to make your heart soar
The one you play when you feel good
Or when you’re misunderstood, too warm to ignore



When he’s too quiet,
that’s when I worry
that he’s up to
no good.



I place my palm on my daughter’s belly: 
kick baby Jack kick!
they already know—
it’s a boy!