Posts for July 1, 2021


Roll Call

Society requires us, on a normal day,
to flux between several roles:

driver maid cook
model influencer
reporter journalist publisher and pundit
a comedian and artist reader writer
parent spouse sibling child
historian therapist banker
grocery clerk epidemiologist
archivist teacher student activist thinker
worker doer fixer…

I’m just touching the iceberg’s tip–
grateful for this one space
where we can be almost anything.



Bound fast in love 
parted by ordered heaven
to keep apart two lover’s hearts,
 is another’s undertaking. 

True love iseternal. 
And always.
A fire in you that can not die. 

The Sun is he. 
A strong man 
who captures hope in strings of starlight 
and smiles ever so gently. 
The moon is she 
a fair woman 
who dances with the stars carelessly, breathlessly. 

On the darkest days
with fading rays, 
she beams in his sight, but dies. 
 May the heart contain that little spark of love’s fire. 

We always long for the forbidden things,
 and desire what is denied to us.
 But love knows no barriers. 
No walls.
 No mould. 

And maybe it was meant to be.
 The moment their eyes met it was war.

 A fleeting moment when 
colors erupt into the atmosphere. 
The absolute lightest darkness. 
Like two falling stars, 
an explosion. 

As they kiss
 the world stares in awe 
of their eclipse. 

The moon is she. 
She beams in his sight, but dies. 
The blot of night’s ink from times passed has been removed. 
The light of which may contain the secret of the truth.

 The star crossed lovers are not always star crossed because of the fault in their stars, 
it’s the fault in society. 


johnny at the bonfire

before the pastor ran off with the new blonde congregant
before his wife tried to see him through his ensuing
nervous breakdown
before Michael was dead from a drug overdose and before
we all moved away from the backroads
i threw my johnny cash cd case in the fire during youth group

we were burning away the things of this world
cleansing our hearts and minds, amen,
to make ourselves as pure as gold
i knew johnny would understand
but i took the CD out first and hid it in my bible
i knew the good lord would understand too


ping pong

sun yellow walls
more sad than
Pharrell Williams quick tempo
clashing with the rhythm of the bouncing ball
back and forth
across the net
held by duct tape
the scent of dog piss
and cigarette smoke
still lingers in the carpet
we picked up from the trash bin
down the road

the orange ball slams into
Peter Rabbit’s face
and the gold frame topples
electrical wires beneath
we hide our mess
in this house

this room lives in extreme
broken off from the home
a heater or AC unit
is all that stands in the way of too
he yells “shit”
as he misses for the umpteenth time
we giggle
like the children
we used to be.