Posts for June 13, 2022



It’s the daughter who sends a selfie 
of her with a sleeping five year old
nephew on her lap.
It’s the 90 year old father who 
says “Be careful,  I love you” every time 
you walk out the door, even when 
you aren’t leaving. 
It’s the former student,  now in college, 
who wants to come and sit on your 
couch to discuss siblings,  the Arts,
and how capitalism and religion 
have impacted society. 
It’s the neighbor who walks with
you  every day, another former student, 
who is carrying a child for her friend 
who needed a surrogate, herself a
teacher,  single mom and advocate of 
fairness and acceptance. 
It’s the realization that the word 
is a verb, and when you say it,
you are responsible for some aspect 
of the human life to whom you have spoken,
“I love you”. Love is a verb.



How, Coo?

bullets leaching lead
(from) American-fired arms
killing bald eagles


28 Bos and one seagull

We knew the caterer 
Gave us a tray of tuna

Built a tray of sandwiches
To take to the homeless 

We called them hobos 
When I was a kid

Drove down to a beach town
Passed them out to welcome hands

Good deed done
Bought a Turkey Avocado for the beach

Took a dip in the ocean 
And a seagull stole my sandwich

The last benefactor 
Of my good deeds


Buttered Nostalgia

Macaroni smiles enrobed in Monterey Jack
unlock memories of steam curling
through chilly restaurant air,
the fragrance of cheesy comfort 
caressing my senses.  Buttered noodles
coated in shredded Parmesan, dusted with peppercorns
graced a seemingly bottomless ceramic bowl,
a childhood delicacy.

Tonight, I lie in bed, belly full of comfort food and fond memories.




My mother braids my niece’s hair.
Her fingers part and pull thin blonde
strands into order the same way
she pulled my sister’s into neat plaits. 
I’m am staring back thirty years. 
Time seems to lurch. I feel dizzy. 


Crash Crush

Finger touched her arm 
soft like a paint brush, crush

French class flame
handsy pocket full of bliss crush

Turbo exclusive in his Trans Am
Rapid ride cracking rush crush

Toggle with the heartstrings
Turn to mush crush

Sweetie swapdropped mish mash
lightening fast in this crash crush



It’s not your fault
you know
All those lives
you told yourself
about you that 
they made up.
I’m sorry you
believed them
It seems to be true
our heart eats lies
when hurting 
and hungry
Why is it
the worst ones 
we choose to believe?

Why is it easy to hate
Always lack the self love
we deserve
long for

You’re worth more
Deserve more
I’ll remind you
Every time you forget
Until you remember
Your name
I’ll always
Wish you


Poor baby

The baby is sick
i give her a bath
attempt to rock her to sleep
i only want what’s best for her
she fights me every step of the way
i can’t help but wonder
why she thinks i would do anything to hurt her
or maybe it’s fear
left over
from the previous owners who abandoned her
either way
it hurts the same


Jazz, Blues, and Pac-Man

My brother used to play all games

By consulting books of strategy —
Every game he played, he played the same,
No matter what the specifics be.
Every Pac-Man screen he knew by rote,
The programming he’d writ on his heart.
He’d already outsmarted the prowling ghosts
Before the jaunty music could start.
I ranted and raved, decried the cold calculation,
Whereas I always went in red hot!
If I lost, I lost (which was usually the situation),
But a memorizer of patterns I was not.
I craved the uncertainty, he craved the control,
Just like jazz and blues created rock and roll. 


Drop Off

our nieghbor’s dog
a small little thing
cowered in the road
was cute enough to stop
the two cars in the road
to find it’s home
we came off our porches
stood in our yards
under a boiling hot sun
with hands over our eyes

then it was home
everyone left
the silence in the heat
cooked the memory
of riding with my grandfather
in a rusted out truck
looking out the back window
as we left my three legged dog
and her puppies on the bank
of the Licking River 
she looked worried and unsure
I promised I wouldn’t cry
so I could go and say goodbye
I was certain we were going to hell

even now I wish I could have 
done something
but who listens
to an eight year old
that no one really wanted

I might have been
better off
if I had been left
with that dog