Head on over to the Sign-Up page, if you haven’t already, and join our 11th consecutive Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge.

Also, feel free to spread the gospel according to LexPoMo and let more people know about the event. We’ve abstained from over advertising because – well, to be perfectly honest – we didn’t want trolls and bots jumping in to ruin the fun. As a result, it probably feels a little exclusive (in the literal sense), and we don’t want that.

So please, spread on social media and tag people you think are interested. Hang flyers at local coffee shops and campus events. Heck: Saturday is Free Comic Book day and I’m sure there are some creatives who don’t cosplay but would love a fun outlet. Maybe take some flyers and let us know on our brand new social accounts (yeah: we waited 11 years to make a Twitter account) what else we should do to spread the word.

Anyway, cheers to a new year, new faces, and new poems from the same friends and family we’ve seen for over a decade.


Bronson O’Quinn
LexPoMo Web Guy