Welcome to the second half of the month! Whether you write and post every day or write, agonize, and revise to post only the 5 poems required to be considered for publication, you’ve contributed to the 1,700+ poems already posted this month.

Each June, I’m amazed by you all. If this is your first time writing with us, thank you for trusting us with your writing. If you’ve been with us for years, know that you’ve built an inviting safe community for people to create and explore life through poetry.

A short anecdote before I let you get back to your line breaks: I was in a non-poetry related meeting, when I happened to mention Lexington Poetry Month (as I often do during June), and one of the members of the meeting said, “Do you mean LexPoMo?!” He was just as excited to talk about it as I was. Funny thing though, he isn’t writing with us. He just liked “reading all the different kinds of poems.” A friend had introduced him to the site a year ago.

That floored me.

So, I invite you all to share the work you are doing this month those around you who may not write or even read poetry, you never know what could happen. And for the second half of this month of writing, ask yourself: what evokes awe and wonder in your life?