A youth enthusiastically sets out on his journey.
He is the seeker
the soul
the hero with a thousand faces
the spirit in search of experience.  

Over his shoulder, a staff—
a wand to protect and guide along the way
and a bag—
the things we carry
that do not belong to us.  

He wears a bright tunic—
the garment of the soul
made of earthly experience
On his head, a laurel wreath—
a symbol of the victory
of a pure spirit
over the adversity of the world.  

Above him, the sun is white
the pure point
from which all energy emanates
Behind him, the sharp peaks
of the mountain of initiation
And by his side, a little white dog
leaping joyously—
his companion, his faith.  

Like the Fool
who has not yet experienced the world
and learned his life’s lessons
we are all
always and already free
and our spirits
are always and already pure.