theres a video out now and if you watch it you go pregnant
its not actually a video
its really just a dick wrapped in some magnetic tape, real things
or is it a video of someone’s dick wrapped in real things,magnetic tape, could be what it is, can’t remember what I heard. fuck what you heard
wait bc Iremember now.
theres a dick wrapped in magnetic tape actually out now
and if you suck it you go karaoke blind

these are just rumors though, one thing persons say to another
ill go on sucking regular dick until the jurys out
12 angry men inspect a movie pun or
1 angry dick wrapped in .5 video cassette
I’ll suck and fuck them into a confession
this is too easy
I’ll suck and fuck them into magnetic innocence.
also to easy
I’ll pretend to do it and they’ll still give me what I want
which really is a proper cake with/with thirteen candles shaped like jurors that look suspiciously angry and penisy.
and that’s too bad because I don’t like frosting anymore than I do would calories
but especially frosting, hate it. I get no relief, just get more dicks than I have holes, 12 angry holes
now that you mention it, 12 is an angry number because honestly who has that many? How very unaccommodating
word is your Mom came the closest.
No telling though.
peace bro