In the middle of the morning 
I awake to the sun 
Gleaming through our windows 
Illuminating your red curls
Draped over your shoulders 
Down your back 
To expose my inked portrait 
I can trace every freckle
Connect them all 
Under the tip of my finger. 
Lingering over those 
Special places where 
The salt on your skin 
Tastes like my favorite 
Sinful potion 
I’ll drink it down 
With a smile.

Evening comes
The kids are away
You surprise me 
In my flamingo stance
While I water the plants
In the dim light
Your hands and loving, strength
Slip around my waist 
Like you’re pulling me home
Your kiss at the back of my neck
Melts me immediately 
The floor slips from under my feet 
As you glide me across the kitchen. 
Worry and weight of the world 
Disappears into the background 
Just you, me and the music 
That flows between our bodies
Like electric, neon sex
On a summer night 
A real, live 
San Junipero kinda love. 
You find me every time.