1. At this point I’ve lived a third of my life or more. I can’t wait to be with Jesus
2. A Christian’s joy should only increase with age
3. I am scared of living more than dying
4. At what age do I stop getting upset at insignificant things?
5. Age does not guarantee wisdom. We may become wiser in our stupidity
6. I want my kids to learn how this imperfect 28 year old is sustained by a perfect God
7. I still want my wife to think I’m perfect (though she’s never been fooled)
8. My hips pop when I do sit-ups
9. If it takes me being 60 to realize I should have been more gentle with my family at 28, I have failed
10. Every day I realize a little more that I know very little
11. And that I am wholly dependent on Jesus
12. I hate debt more than I did at 25. And I really hated debt then.
13. I almost don’t care about winning arguments at this point, and only winning hearts. Almost
14. The work of a given day is not about task completion, but relationship building
15. I am motivated to stay in shape so I can still wrestle my kids at 80
16. I most remember it is an imperative to serve the poor and needy
17. People can be offended at others being identified as poor and needy
18. We are all poor and needy without Jesus
19. I am still needy
20. When I am an old man I hope I am still willing to be corrected on wrong, immature, and mindsets
21. And I hope my wife’s heart is in full bloom by years of careful tending by her husband
22. The more judgmental I am, the more I show my misunderstanding of the gospel
23. I don’t worry about wasting my life.
24. Working to be recognized by a crowd is hollow fulfillment
25. I don’t want my life to be one of continually seeking comfort and safety
26. If God brought me home this year, what would I be most sad about not doing?
27. Life is too short not to love people well
28. I am thankful Jesus showed me His worth and that when I live for Him I am living for my highest and most complete joy.