and no matter how many times I count, there’s still five more to go. Is the nausea really back? The car’s leaking so damn much oil we’re going to have to get it fixed. I think I had too much caffeine today, so why does it feel like I could fall asleep standing over these zucchini? I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin. Why can‘t I breathe through my nose? I still haven’t cleaned the bathroom. “Like carrying a bowling ball between your legs,” I read online, and I guess that’s about right, because surely bowling ball on bone would hurt like this. And I probably jumped up too fast when I saw that kid pushing my son on the playground. How did he get so fast? I can’t keep up when it feels like my left hip is going to come out of its socket. When we get home he yells “Mommy” at least one thousand thirty times, especially when cheeks hit the toilet seat, but at least that time he followed it up with “I love you.” And it’s okay that he got chocolate ice cream on the cable bill. Why is the dog being so needy? It’s forty minutes past his bedtime but he still hasn’t had a bath. I just can’t remember to keep my wrists straight, now my fingers are numb again. I might just lay down for a minute, but the bed’s covered in laundry I haven’t folded yet. There’s five more weeks to go.