No justice no peace 
But they all got a piece 
Strapped to the teeth 
And they’ll bust it at a man just tryna help people eat

-Body Bagdhad    

one muhfuqua It’s like a jungle outside It makes me wonder why I aint raining thunder  

two muhfuquas  (spark notes for everytime a cop touches the trigger)

2020 blind
a blindfolded night clutching dual hammers
Clapping. no. more like a bakers dozen of hot rounds 
of applause only whyte folk here
they said it sounded like hot lead sizzling
through rain drops before digging into a chest.
I asked the old heads and they said all. 
they heard niggas screaming and pigs laughing
but nobody saw a thing  

three muhfuquas (meanwhile in a building somewhere) they sit back sipping cotton gin and tonics watching fox news in the breakroom between takes of taking a knee on truth could be a metaphor for something. but maybe I’m faking.    

4our   ever hear of a bully wake up one morning and see the light? I haven’t. they usually don’t listen until they have them lights turned off
disconnected. no longer in service. no longer in service. no longer.