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Lexington Poetry Month

4 of Swords


4 of Swords:
Those raw-umber eyes-
entangled forest inside,
Bats and lashes cross past wild

4 responses to “4 of Swords”

  1. HB Elam says:

    I bought two decks over a year ago and I’ve been sleeping with them at the foot of my bed ever since. Maybe someday soon I’ll finally do my first spread.

  2. I’ve never done anything with tarot cards, so my knowledge is limited. This was a very neat card to read about, seemingly fitting for where I’m at in life.

    I really like your poetry you have shared here, with solid imagery and masterful use of sounds. You have a true talent with this form.

    Also want to thank you for all your comments on my poems. Between having to work overtime and trying to write a poem a day, I unfortunately don’t get much time to comment and reply nearly as much as I would like. But it is nice to know someone appreciates my poems and I’m glad I finally got a chance to read your work in return. Thank you.

    • Piper Morrison says:

      Philip, I do enjoy your work. You really convey your poem’s feelings quite well. Thank you for reading my work. Your response is so thoughtful and encouraging. I truly appreciate it. I, too wish I had more time to respond to yours and everyone’s poems. Do you not get annoyed at how life gets in the way of the little moments of what we really feel like doing? It’s such a drag. However, this is such a great avenue for creative sharing that I wish it were taking place 365 days a year!! Write on Philip, write on!

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