So yesterday
I didn’t do anything but what I wanted to do

I hugged my babies
I watered my garden
(the parts without weeds)
I made sure I took a good hard look
At what I put out into the universe
As well as what I need
I went to the library and checked out books
(I forgot I used to read a lot more than I do now)

Did a couple deliveries to earn some extra cash
Spent half of it on some groceries and put the rest up for gas
Listened to one of my friends on the radio
Reminded of how far we’ve all come
And how much further we’ve yet to go

I stopped by my friend’s mural and told her she was missed
I said a prayer for the ones we lost yesterday
I said a prayer for the ones we will lose tomorrow
In all hopes that our joys will be greater than our sorrows

And somewhere I took a nap that went past 11pm
Woke up and spent the last hour wrapped in love, lost track of time
Looked at the clock and realized that it was past 12
Past the deadline to complete the poem before midnight on the date
And there’s a summary of how I spent this past 6/8