It’s been 6 years since a gunman entered Pulse nightclub
And decided to kill 49 people,
Probably hoping for more.

It’s been 6 years since 10 policemen decided
They didn’t need to follow a man with a crime list of over 40 victims
Into a bathroom.
Do they regret it now?

That bathroom is where at least 3 people
Were murdered.
Where Omar Mateen got scared
And took his last breath.

Omar Mateen.
29 years old.
Born to Afghan immigrants,
So the shooting easily became a “terrorist attack”.

Omar Mateen.
A regular at the club,
Used gay dating apps,
Despite having a wife.

You’d think it’s obvious
That when people are being killed
Because someone is scared,
We should stop fueling that fear.

You’d think it’s obvious
That police should follow someone
Who’s been murdering people
Into a bathroom.

Why did 10 policemen
Wait 3 fucking hours
To walk into a club
And remove bodies
That could have been alive?

Why did 10 policemen
Decide 49 people
Who didn’t consent to death
Should die
Rather than themselves
Who CHOOSE to confront danger everyday?

Why is this made
About immigration
And religion
When a man walked into a gay club
And murdered people?

Why is pride somehow still
When this shooting was only
6 years ago?

Why does it seem like
In every shooting I read about
The police never seem to want to do their jobs?

HOW do you wait
For three hours
And not answer calls of desperation
From innocent people?

How are we still making laws
That promote the fear
That caused the SECOND LARGEST
Mass shooting in America?

How can queer lives be important
If we’re still trying to get rid of them?

Everybody’s got a pulse
Until their heart beats for rainbows.