Its that time again today
I’m supposed to write
I want to let the words pour out 
from these keys 
but I  can’t find the words
or seem to unclench my jaw today
my skin hurts
my head pounds
my breath is shallow

there is no song good enough…
or is there?

I feel it coming on
just like it always does
month after month 
day after day
that sickness that lives in me
that just has to emerge
steal the very life and breath from me
the life I’ve fought so long to merely exist in.

our home echoes peace in all I’ve ever longed for
every giggle, every story, every song on the guitar
every kiss, every touch, glance, dinner cooked together
every picture taken and trip we car karoke to
I hope these are moments they hold as tight to as I do.
Funny how when you finally look up to see
the sand moving in the hour glass is just when…
its almost ran out or it shatters and breaks.

But hey, I’m glad we’re here, 
we made it.
We Are