“Happy Summer!”

The ashes sang to me

As they skidded the pavement

Of the freshly manicured porch.


I grimace at the green stomach

My hound has adorned

Barking blissfully

Through the

Fresh cut lawn.


I chuckle remembering the

Wet green blades

Sticking from you toes.


You shook them off,

You jumped in the pool,


And you jumped on me.


You are summer, baby.

You shined so much light

That I was drenched in sweat.


You are the sun rays

Beaming on the cold water.


The ice chopped up

In the blender

Keeping your daiquiri cool

Enough that it lasts

Til your next bathroom break.

But you are still

Way passed tipsy.


You were the sunburn

You get after putting on

4 coats of sunscreen,

That blistered for days

And peeled for weeks.


The tick that latched on

Your scalp that you rip

Off of you,

And falls on the floor and

It will not die.


The steam from the hot air

Has fogged up my phone

As I struggle to write this.


Winter will always be my favorite season.