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Lexington Poetry Month
#8026BF ( 128, 38, 191)
article by
HB Elam

this is how I remember it
the royal purple carpet
flooding the sanctuary 
hell, it even covered the pews
where our asses sat
fit for kings

so rich in symbolism, so

no wonder the boy who come to realize
he innately knew he preferred
Luke’s beati pauperes to
Matthew’s added spiritu
struggled to find himself
in a den of hypocrites

2 responses to “#8026BF ( 128, 38, 191)”

  1. wow I really connected with this, especially the last stanza in fact I’m gonna put the lines ” No wonder the boy…struggled to find himself, in a den of hypocrites” on my fridge or somewhere nearby, that right there is a part of my life story put in words I struggled to find until now

  2. Amanda Holt says:


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