The principal
or practice
of a minority demonstrating privilege
over another minority
Dogs eating dogs
to only be kept in cages by people

There’s a certain kind of oppression
that comes with being Asian
A certain impulse to bathe yourself in gasoline
and run through a castle of cards
with only two B’s, all A’s
and a will to live 4 more years then run away

Stopping people from hate criming Asians
won’t fix anything
If you don’t stop Asian’s from hating themselves,

There’s a certain type of oppression that happens
when a mother cares more about grades than
getting help for your
Bi polar depression,
PTSD from being touched,
When your mother cares more about religion than
the color red painted on your walls
A certain type of oppression
when your therapist and friends say
“It’s just a cultural thing”

It is not a cultural thing
trauma isn’t cultural
Leaving your kids at home to work extra
hard just because you don’t get paid as much
only to pass on your trauma
Isn’t cultural
It’s systemic
and to say I am any different
is a lie
because there’s a certain kind of oppression when you’re the
Child of an
The second son of soil and stars,
An end of an era.