I lay under the trees

By the mucky water

My brain running a marathon,

There’s things in life

That we don’t necessarily choose

But it’s part of who we are

It’s a feeling deep down

That we can’t shake

Like being attracted to the same gender

Or not liking tomatoes

Or only liking your volume on an even number

Yes, these things are all over the spectrum

But I’m using these examples

Because this is how I would talk to my friends

So this poem might not be classy

But hopefully it will feel like

You’re talking to a friend.


Society creates expectations

Or traditions that have been going on

For a long, long time

For the past few years

I’ve tried to break these expectations

And show people that their life,

Their reality,

Is created by them.

For me personally,

I don’t want to get “government married”

Yes, it has benefits and whatever

But it’s just not for me,

I can’t explain all the reasons why.

I don’t want to give birth,

I see posts that are like

“It’s okay to not want kids”

I want kids, I just don’t want to give birth.

I don’t think there’s just one love of your life

I think there’s several

Some stronger than others

These are just a few weird things

About me.

But I’m letting this out because,

Being different or weird

Or whatever you want to say

Can be hard.

I could be madly in love with someone

But they want someone who will carry their kids

Because society made that some kind of milestone.

I could like the same sex

And someone out there will want to kill me for it.

I don’t know where I’m going with this,

Expect to say,

Fuck the expectations,

Live however you see fit

And don’t give up.