He is danger
Or maybe I am
With my journey to disarray
Dark, sly eyes
An unwavering smirk
A towering presence of pride
My own refugee
Into a place
That I am not
But I long to be
To be free of resent
Of hate and anger
Even if for this moment
Even if not for forever
He drowns me with this power of ecstasy
The fantasy of chaos
My body and mind
Acting as a torpedo
Into depths of destruction
For impulsive passes
Of pleasure
Of every so sweet and delectable sin
The devil’s version of honey and milk
A tapestry of pure carnage
Spattered against contracted muscles
Of desire hot against him
Sweat intermingled
This medley of our explosion
A result of his lust for me
My hate for my despair
What control he possess over me
This luscious intoxication
That stings my tongue
With every kiss
Permeating like a poison
Through every pore into my body
To which I know
Is only futile for my destruction
But that tornado of splendor
That fury that ignites
Like a thunderous fire
Deep in the floor of my desire
With each pulse of my body
In cadence with his own
My brain screams
Like a howl of wind crashing into the sea
Attempts to pull me out of this
But my feral, wounded animal being
Thrusts further 
Into depths of release
Of letting go
This pain
All pain
I wish to no longer to carry
The guttural
Voice of completion
He is my vessel of catharsis
He believes otherwise
My secret to hold for myself
My eyes connecting with his
To only see this for what it is
A release
A moment
Away from the grief
Away from who I wish not be