I get on the bus
and I feel shakey
eyes on me.
I pull my coat close.

In the classroom
everyone hurries
to put things in cubbies.

I stand back
sink into my fur.

Get to your seats
but I’m not ready 
I crawl inside my cave.
That means you too 
Barry Bear.

My stomach feels sick.

Lunchtime laughs
Look! Berries, nuts and eww! Fish!

Out at recess I’d go 
up in a tree
but that’s not allowed
even on blustery days.

Back at my desk
Teacher asks a question
and I moan.

It’s time to go home.
Front seat behind
Mr. Bruce
and all is fine for now.

Bus stops, 
Woodsey Lane.
Home safe.

Mamma’s here.
Pappa’s home soon.

Time for my pjs
and Once upon a time
there were three Bears…