Mathematics. The square root
of all problems. a = a;
b = c; c = a; b == a;
as long as numbers have power
more than words, then
we are doomed;
& deserve our demise.
Arithmetic causes brain cancer,
& a general unhappiness.
It causes one to think more than
they do. To think they know
the answer. a^2 = b;
Noone knows the answer. a == 42;
     The real problem is that it gives a
     sense of security to those whom
     dwell too long in its realm. It
     makes them know more than
     others, but feel less. One who
     knows math can no longer be
     satisfied with the underpinning of
     minute and mundane things. They
     must cleanse themselves with
     broccoli and uncooked noodles.
     There is nothing we can do for
     them. They will meet the end of
     the geometric plane.

There is one practical use of math.
That is to see how many times
I can divide into you.