The Body Donation Program at the University of
Cincinnati College of Medicine, allows an individual to
make a lasting and meaningful contribution to medical

Any cerebellum I can spare in my extremis
may be of interest, particularly one appearing
on an MRI with some bits of atrophy.

At the time of death, the remains must be transported
by a funeral home or private ambulance service to the
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

All vertical I ride, in passing churches, homes,
the bars and bike trails, gardens and mountains
of my O so many endearing decades.

During normal working hours, the transporter should contact
the Department of Medical Education stating there is a body

namely mine

to be delivered to the department and the approximate time of

N.B. transporter: no business lunches at The Parlor

Regardless of day and/or time all donors are transported
to the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science for storage
and preparatory work. The Department of Medical Education
has facilities to store the remains of one hundred and forty
persons on stainless steel trays adjacent to a well-equipped
preparation room.

The stiff expected is the first selected.

After all studies have been completed, the body is cre-
mated and the ashes are either returned to the family
or interred in a University plot at Spring Grove

It is a far far better thing that I am teaching here than
I have ever taught before, these
students maybe brighter
ones than any I
have ever known.