They all know their names
although Domino comes at anybody’s name
trying to get a little extra attention.

“Back the hall” means keeping an eye
on all of them in one room.  My room.
Every time, Storm jumps on my bed like it’s his.

They can follow the direction “sit”
but Belle is too prissy to
actually do it every time.

We like to give them treats
of “crunchy water” and they
crowd around the ice machine.

You can use “out” off-hand and still cause a ruckus.
“I need to get this stain out.”
Excited hurrying to the door.

And God forbid you use the word
“W-A-L-K”.  I can barely spell
it here without things going to hell.

Amazing how much they know 
and how much they’ll ignore
to get their way.