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Lexington Poetry Month
A Gap in Learning
article by
Liz Prather

was it thunderstruck
as much as filthy and tender
bang, shout and pillowed
adventurous and sweet  

Yes, all of that body better
from poetry to moral to cuddle
not guess-who-I-am-now
but dominant with a smart thumb  

I got some good strange
reeling from it in this old house
no lover’s tryst but visible
whirling stab wounds  

I wish I were sorry.   

Tremored nerves and delicious ache
Nasty, sweet, electric
Howl like raven, starved like an eye
The last common ancestor  

Prufrock’s a pussy
like my zaftig popcorn sweat
his mother’s side lost 54 in the war
and mine lost just as many in this one.  

2 responses to “A Gap in Learning”

  1. Lisa Miller Henry says:

    “I wish I were sorry.” — Yes!

  2. Edelweiss Meadows-Millstone says:


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