I need to talk
doesn’t need
to sound like
I need to talk

It can still be an invitation-
I’d like the chance
to sit and talk with you-
necessary, but without the sharpness

A text, hours in advance
gives time to prepare
for quality conversation
because blindsides aren’t always fair

With a way out-
could be today or tomorrow-
gives you all the time you need
to run if you so choose

Your acceptance sets the stage
A storm makes landfall
and two adults engage
in a peaceful conflict of hearts

The problem is presented
understanding is offered
reasons are challenged
then bitter pills are swallowed

But how much better for us
to turn devastation
into a minor downpour
so friendship can thrive

The next days may be tricky
The sting may never linger long
but we will see each other again
so all that’s left now to say

is thank you