Whatever I want to write? Well
to start
you are beautiful.
Inside and out
from all I’ve seen tonight
I think we could be
wonderful friends
maybe more
if the hopeless romantic in me
is allowed to have a word.

And you are
rays of sumlight where
the clouds have been so thick
for such a long time.
If only you knew
the hurricane
that has ravaged me of late,
I am also fearful
you may be
only the eye of my storm.

I’ve been listening
I have heard
your current focus
is on your career right now
nothing else
I just want to say
don’t let anyone,
anyone tell you
you are wrong for making that choice.
a word of caution
if I could
because I have known people
who have regretted that choice.
Be careful
not to limit yourself,
because the right guy
will hardly be
an obstacle to your dream.

I’ve also gathered
it might actually be
something you say
to nip
persistance in the bud.
I’ve seen the way
you cozy up a little closer
to that other guy.

And that’s okay
there is more than one way
to be attracted to another person
I would never want to ruin
such a beautiful friendship
by chasing something
clearly not meant to be
In the meantime
and our fledgling circle of friends
have introduced joy
in a way
I haven’t experienced
in such a long time
that is so much more precious
than any future
that may never come to pass.