1) Pablo Neruda (Cien sonetos de amour)
Por eso canto al dia y a la Luna

you shine a light on the captivity
of art, the propulsion of love
how the sky unfolds itself 
into the face of everyday passion, 
from Isla Negra earth assumes
it’s form & comes into itself

2) Wislawa Szymborska (Maybe All of This)
Under one lamp by day
and billions by night

on the other side of the scale
AI puts a thumb down your blouse,
an autopsy of how great civilization is
as civil as a button or document 
as civil as the national cem…..

3) Wendell Berry (Anglo-Saxon Protestant Heterosexual Men)
Who is going to sit at our feet
and listen while we bewail…

someplace nearby you sit down
facing a fractured window and see
all our eyes staring back, so many
times you’ve had to sound
your quiet alarm and convince
us of the inconceivable 

4) Edward Hirsch (The Lectures on Love)
These lectures afford me a great pleasure

wherein ecstasy is always a drug
and the fumbled ball of eros
rolls toward a goal line already
scrubbed out by metal cleats,
a scribbled menu has intercourse
for breakfast lunch dinner