Do you remember when we were young?
We spent hours talking through the nights.
We watched as they turned into new days,
under the midnight sun,
wondering if we would ever make it to 30.   

I did.  
You didn’t.  

We were only kids,
and still we found ourselves so troubled.

Last year i made it to 30,
and today I can’t congratulate you.
Cause you never got the chance,
to grow older.  

At night we would talk about,
and how we sometimes felt like leaving it all behind.
Simply because life at times,
felt like a battleground.  

I feel enraged when people complain,
about turning 30,
cause you never had the option.
Someone else decided for you,
that this was it.  

He stole your time,
and we made sure we would all remember,
every minute of your 17 years on this planet.  

I still feel you every time,
in the winds that cools me down.
I see you in every wave at the shore.
I hear you in every song you played for me,
and I listen to you whisper at me,
every time I feel like giving up.  

I miss those teddy bear hugs you would give us,
at every hello, and at every goodbye.  

I live for the both of us now,
and today,
I will celebrate every minute,
every memory we ever shared.  

Thank you for teaching me to be grateful,
that I get to grow old.