I know that she was yours long before I was aware of her existence, 
And that you grew her into the human that I now get to call mine.
You helped her cultivate her quirky interests, 
And gave her all of the childhood stories she shares with me. 

We’d known each other for two weeks before I asked her if this could be ‘exclusive’. 
We didn’t feel like we needed to dodge labels or play fields, 
Because when you’ve spent years dreaming up what you need, it couldn’t be more clear when you find it. 

We were so proud to go public,
To be able to show the friends who’d listened to our lonely hearts lament, that we had found what they’d told us we deserved. 
All of that is just a fancy way to say that we quickly became “Facebook Official”. 

200 likes and 20 comments later it was clear that we weren’t the only ones celebrating our discovery. 
But you were quiet. 
And when she came to visit that weekend, your silence was so loud. 
When she returned home your daily phone calls had stopped.

I know that I am only a stranger, and that none of this is really about me. 
I am not trying to ruffle feathers,  I’m simply hoping to offer some insight. 
I want you to realize that you have handed her a burden in a time where we feel like we are on top of the world. 

When we’re curled up on the couch bingeing mindless television, 
In the mornings when we lay in bed silently soaking up the seconds together, 
Between the sappy texts we send when we’re apart-
You are always there. 

She can hear your silent efforts to plant doubts in her head, 
We’re both aware that you are trying to make her feel like she has to choose one of us.  
Why are you trying to make her question her pride, when you should simply swallow yours? 

You are her mother, 
And two months ago I  was a stranger. 
I know that I will never see it through your eyes, 
But I wish you could see her through mine. 

She is so pure, 
Honarably honest, 
Excited and eager, 
Always ready to take on the world. 

Thank you  for making her who she is, 
I hope that one day we will be able to talk about this  person. 
Until then, I will keep her safe.