I’ve been avoiding looking at what day it is

Worried you’re almost over,

I’ve never thought about my favorite time

But I think it’s you

Orange and pink sunsets,

A few cool nights

Sunny days that last forever

Lake water that makes you never want to dry off,

Ferris wheels and funnel cakes

Writing poetry on a picnic table

Hikes through the mountains,

And day long road trips

No deadlines, no jackets,

Only a few days of rain

Your morning breeze smells like hope,

And your grass is the perfect green


You’re my Mammaw’s middle name,

And I’d like to think this is why

Maybe one day I’ll pass that on,

Wildflowers bloom like crazy

Love is all around

The mourning doves sing your songs,

And the kids are all home from school

The windows down,

And ice cream that’s never tasted so good

Lunch on a patio,

And laughter fills the air

Pride fills the town,

And concerts boom loud

You are a work of art

That I never want to put down

Thank you for being you, June