It’s a 32×45, 3000-piece jigsaw challenge
on my dining table, border and sky finished,
the rest, a riot of images to be constructed:

        Sgt. Pepper
        circus folk on trampoline
        long and winding road
        face in a jar
        ghosts on Abbey Road
        walrus in tuxedo
        yellow submarine.

There’s no room to spread the unattached
bits for survey, the light is inadequate,
the cats have filched several candidates.
Even though I channel my puzzle eye
with sounds of the Fab Four, I manage
only one or two fits per sitting. 

What to do?

Should I soldier on, obeying the maxim
  don’t start unless you intend to finish
in hope of experiencing a satisfying sense
of accomplishment? Or should I reclaim
the table, disassemble what has not been
assembled, store the unvanquished high
on a shelf, pending cravings for another bout
of bewilderment, and essay a modest
1000 pieces on my well-lit puzzle table?

A dilemma!