last night yet another wine glass broke
a subtle crack, as I clanked a plate accidentally 
against the rim
still usable, probably
though I should just buy another set
this was the last of the stemware and I chuckle

the occurrence
during a movie about a family
yet a happy ending and I have to wonder
have we reached just that
although drastically different?
dear kids
sorry if I created a rift
if I drove a wedge between what was and could be
regrets are useless, meaningless now
I could have changed myself, or a part of me
something small, even, if I’d known
I hate that you might struggle, due to my ineptitude
I admit fault

I’ve watched us lean, grow
accept grace 
love each other despite our tendencies
our circle is beautiful
not all our stories are broken
a crack in the surface, sure
but no need to be replaced
vessels still capable of acceptance