There were flashes of you
In a dream I once had
Like and old projector reel
when the film is long gone
You under that thin sheet
With a sleek grin
and green eyes
Whispers of promise
That I could taste on
your lips

Our legs and breath
intertwined like vines
In a midsummer heat
Of steam, surreal-ness
and sweat
With your hair flowing
to life above me
As we laughed like
Holding tight to a 

Looking back–your
Sealed the bitter to the 
I couldn’t hold back
such a longing
Even though I knew it
could end
In a moment too soon

Then I wake up and 
you’re gone
Like a bird’s song 
on the breeze
And I’m left to miss you

Every day with you
If I’m dreaming
Don’t wake me up
I can’t believe
We made it