What a damn fool I was

To believe I could watch the same movie

Over and over,

Starring someone who

Was not you.


My heart-shaped pupils are

Far too naïve

To widen

At the looks of a stranger.


The credit scene leaves me

Hanging from a cliff,

As I credulously wait

For your arms to catch me

If dare I fall.


I land broken, flat against the concrete

And bounce right back

To start up an epilogue,

Thinking this time

The conclusion will add up

At the end.


Same protagonist,

New antagonist,

Same story line,

Same ending.


Through my sunglasses,

My pupils turn to stars,

Almost in love, but just not

Quite the same.


What a damn fool I felt,

Crawling back to restart

The series, watching

The sequel to my own epic anecdote,

Humiliate the saga as a whole.