Daily Mirror June 27, 2017
“Obscure “poet” missing in Kentucky, assumed rendered”

Newly crowned Queen Hillary I is leaving no rock unturned in her quest to remove degeneracy and stupidity from the New Kingdom, with the disappearance and assumed rendition of Steve Cummings over the weekend whose “poetry” attacking the Queen during the recent political upheaval was deemed “counter-productive.”

“He was always such a sanctimonious [homosexual]” said his estranged wife in an interview Monday, his daughter adding  “I didn’t know him very well, he was always drunk and threw me out of the house when I was 16 for taking some coins out of his drawer.  His granddaughter said “He was always mean to me, and he always had to coach my teams.  The other kids all hated him.”

Assumed to be “reassigned”, family members have requested and been granted death benefits.

Even though Accents Publishing has been shut down and many members of LexPoMo missing since the American Rebirth, the Mirror has been able to acquire the poem which we reprint here in its’ entirety:  

Mr. Trump is not racist, homophobic or misogynistic and
You are ignorant, shallow or evil if you think so.
Mrs. Clinton is lawless, vicious,  and corrupt and
You are ignorant, shallow or evil if you deny it.
If you’re ignorant, please read further.
If you’re shallow, no need to read, no need to vote.
If you’re evil, you already know this.
In the 1980’s she got a rapist of a 12 year old girl free on a technicality.
In 1993, the genius Mrs. Clinton couldn’t remember 159 times why she fired 7 people from the WH travel department and replaced them with her friends but was found to have lied to investigators anyway.

During the 1990’s she spent most of her time attempting to destroy the characters of women her husband enjoyed (or tried to) but ended up writing a check to Paula Jones for $850K for sexual harassment.  She might have been indicted for obstruction but she again couldn’t recall 59 times.  Perhaps it’s dementia.

The only known time Hillary actually worked was when she cleaned to office of Vince Foster the night he “killed himself”.

She stole $200k worth of furniture, china and art from the White House when she left.

Half of her money is Arab or Chinese.   She gave Russia 20% of the world’s uranium for less than $200 million paid to her foundation

She left the Libyan Ambassador unprotected and those who tried to rescue him to die on a rooftop, then she lied to the deceased’s parents about why, nonchalantly destroying Libya in the process.

We don’t know what she told the 100 corporations she speechified, but we do know it was worth $22mil while caring for the little guy.

She left her computer more open to hackers than a drunken whore on Saturday night.

She needs a mid-sized Gulfstream to go anywhere, giving her the largest carbon footprint in the world except for Barack and family, while caring ever so much about climate change

At least now you’re not ignorant – but you could still be evil  

While The Mirror recognizes bad poetry when we read it, we think the death sentence slightly harsh.